Dear Hasbro guys,

There is one thing you are doing to the AOTC line that I think is a great improvment. IF this was spread to all concerning figures I believe it would inhance said figures. The improvement I am reffering to is:
Real Metal Lightsabers.
I think this really puts something "extra" on all the Jedi's. No longer are we subjected to plastic hilts with bad paint jobs. The new lightsabers for Obi-Wan, Kit Fisto, and Luminara look great. Each one is different and very well sculpted. The figures do not need to have the magnets in their hands for the Lightsaber hilts to be added.

It seems to me that you are always striving for better realism in your figures. Well, this would be a marketable(sp) improvement. And it can't cost that much to have these with each Jedi. So, please take this into concideration when you release your next batch of Jedi's.

Thank you