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    Does Anyone Have Problems Standing Plo Koon??

    No matter how I position him, I can't get him to stand up. Any hints?

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    EDIT: sorry, I thought this was a POTJ thread.

    Please delete my post

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    Mine stands up fine. After all, the package does him justice.
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    Mine stands fine but sometimes the force effect weighs it down.
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    First I tried pushing the back leg back further and that worked for a while but its goes back to where it was and then he falls. I solved the problem by putting the front facing leg up a bit. His foot is not perfectly level on the ground but he's been standing for days now. I don't have the force effect on him.
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    Apparently the "force effect" is for play only and not DISplay!

    It looks a bit wonky anyhow...
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    why does everybody have AOTC figs except me !?!

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    I don't have the force effect on him btw, just his lightsaber. He's standing now....until I walk by the bookcase


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