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    Tell me he's not serious....

    Ebay stuff

    Am I incorrect in the assumption that the first run had backgrounds?

    Also is it true about the no writing on back of Jango?

    The prices are kinda steep though........

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    I've bought 11 of the 14 new AOTC figures, and none of them had the background.

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    Did you notice that on his R2, he has a link right here to SSG where we show the variant of R2. And then his side pic of his R2, is the same pic as here?!?
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    Thanks Iceberg, that's what I thought I read here.... the first run (limited ones???) have backgrounds & IMHO look way cooler than no background but hey..........

    I do have to give the seller props though, the scans on some of those figs I have never seen before.... I cant wait to see them at my local WM, TRU, KB, etc.....

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    Both background and non-background variants should be in the plenty or one version will be a little less available than the other but the whole people calling them rare errors is just to make them sell.
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    I have 19 of the AoTC figures so far. The ONLY one that came with a background was the Battle Droid. The background figures may be in shorter supply.


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