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    Talking Qui-Gon Wave

    Just found the Qui-Gon wave at Wal-Mart on Brookpark Rd. at 9:30 this morning. Looked like they were just put out since there were about 6 of each figure. They had a ton of Royal Guards. If anyone needs a Yoda there were about 7 of them along with 5 Anakin HD down the toy asile NOT over by the AOTC display. Hope this helps some Cleveland collectors and not the scalpers. No sign of the Bespin wave or Dooku. HH

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    Talking Bespin Wave

    Just picked up the Bespin wave at Super-Kmart on Brookpark Rd. The Luke is not the bloody stump version (which of the two is harder to find?) To top it off they were on sale so I saved some money-since I've been running low on cash. Now I'm all cought up untill that next wave comes out.......

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    Talking Djas Puhr and Palpatine....

    Just came back from a toy hunt. TRU at Parmatown had nothing so I headed over to Wal-Mart on Brookpark and 480. They had a pallet of toys on the floor with at least 12 cases of SW figures. So myself and another collector started to open the cases-he was looking for the bloody stump Luke. Well, they had ALL of the Bespin wave and Endor wave-no bloody stump Luke. The last few cases had Djas Puhr and Palpatine so I snaged one of each and had a chance to put a few Palpatines on the pegs before Mr. Smile face Wal-Mart guy came over and pulled the pallet to the backroom. I was ready to tell him that the figures won't sell from the stockroom-some could of fit out on the pegs. Oh well, at least I was able to get Djas Puhr and Palpatine. Now it's time to find Obi-starfighter, Chewy, and Han. Good luck and HH

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    Talking Nexu Ect...

    Just picked up a Nexu at K-Mart (of all places) and a bloody stump Luke at K-B Parmatown. The guy at KB said that they HAD one case of the Chewy wave yesterday that came in on Fed X but they went QUICK. K-Mart only had the one Nexu (that I bought) but no Anakin sets-that's weird unless someone bought all the rest of them .K-Mart also has six Jango Fett 12". Now since I did all the leg work why don't some of you Cleveland collectors post your findings-I know you're out there... HH

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    OK, Since you asked so nicely,
    Target in Avon and Elyria both had a few Dooku, however only the one in Avon has lowered the prices.

    Walmart in Elyria had 2 endor rebel soldiers, Walmart in North Olmsted Had literally one fig on each peg! I don't know what's going on there, but it looks like they haven't had a shippment since the 23rd! Mostly Battle Droids( Both) and Jar Jar. Price drops there too.

    K-B in Elyria had nothing worth mentioning. North Olmsted was putting out about 7 cases of the Bespin Vader/Luke wave(No Bloody Lukes that I saw). Girl there said they MAY have the Han wave on tonight's shipment, too bad I won't be able to go there tomorrow.

    K-Mart in Sheffield had more of the same bespin wave, While the one in Westlake had 2 12" Jango Fetts left, on the regular Action Figure Aisle, on the top.

    TRU in Both Elyria and N.Olmsted are not worth the gas unless you still need a 12" Mace Windu.

    As you can tell, I had a few hours to kill untill my wife gets off work!

    Also, Anyone who has an extra Anakin lightsaber pen from the GM cereals to trade, I am looking for one. I have all but Luke's to trade.

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    Hey fettdave welcome to the forums, it's good to hear updates from other Cleveland collectors-I knew that there are still others from the area besides myself, Dexter, JEDIpartnr, and you that read these forums. Any updates are great HH. P.S. I may head over to KB in Great Northern today to see if they have the Chewy wave.....

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    Wink Deluxe Figures

    Went on a toy hunt this morning to Target, TRU, and KB. NOTHING new at all. Then I went to WM in Strongsville (not only for SW figures-had to get a new hose) they had the Nexu and deluxe Anakin and very few figures on the pegs. All I need is that Chewey wave that is only showing up at KB. I wonder why that wave is only at KB???? HH

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    I also found Anakin And Nexu Deluxe at N. Olmsted Walmart. They Also Had a whole bunch of the orn free ta wave. Still haven't found Palpatine or Djas. Or that Han Wave for that matter.

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    What A surprise! I got home from work, and my wife, who went birthday shopping for me today, says "here I've never seen these, but I thought they looked cool" I look in a tru bag and find the Jango And Maul Unleashed Figs! I'll admit I wasn't going to get these, but now that I've seen them in person I love them. Both are excellent pieces for display. She couldn't remember the Price, but thought it was 14.99. Anyway, they came from the Elyria TRU if anyone's interested, she said they had a whole case.

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    Happy Birthday-I may have to check out the TRU in Parma for those tomorrow. HH
    Anakin: "Where are you going Master?"
    Obi-Wan: "To get a drink!! A Molson XXX!!"


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