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    No Cinema Sceens? Good!

    Most of us have seen the list of AOTC stuff to come. I have noticed that there are no Cinema Sceens on the list. Frankly I am glad for that. I never have been crazy about any of the ones they have made so far. Plus they always seem to cost so much for no more than you are getting. There are a bunch of cool ones they could do, but in the past they have made ones that are somewhat boreing. I think the two pack idea is great, but maybe a two pack who's packageing is not so expensive (to cut down on the cost a bit.
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    I've purchased a couple...

    But most of them have just disappointed me. I got the Mos Espa Encounter one just to get the Sebulba figure. He's nice to have and he isn't in his "racing duds" like the POTJ one...

    Since we haven't seen the film yet... it's hard to say if there WOULD be any good scenes to do another one. The only one I can think of immediately is the "Wedding" scene as it looks pretty cinema scene ready... but- I'll take the individual figures over the scenes any day!
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    They could just release Battle Scene 2 packs, like Jango Fett vs Mace Windu, Anakin(Jedi robes) vs Tusken Raider and Obi Wan vs Dooku. But I guess since most of those figures will be available as singles, there would be no point in having them unless they are very good, and different sculpts.
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    I liked some of them, the ones that actually gave a "Scene Specific" image, like Tatooine Showdown. But since a lot of the new figures are already "scene specific" with their action poses, I don't think we need anymore Cinema Scenes. Now basic 3 or 2 packs on the other hand I wouldn't mind.
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    The 2-pack seems to be less cost prohibitive to both Hasbro and retailers/wholesalers. They are easier to store, pack, mail. They cost less to produce/package. The customer is more likely to buy a blister packaged 2-pack than a boxed 3-pack because it makes a more pleasing addition to carded collections but mostly costs less to buy outright and takes up less space. more units get shifted. Everyone ends up happy. Unless it's something stupid like the Maulvs Obi-Wan 2-pack. In which case it mostly just sits in the stockroom gathering dust.
    The most popular type of packaging in the end will most likely be a single figure packed with a large accessory. Or a larger figure packed with a smaller one. just my observations and cinema scenes usually only contain one character not previously released although the last POTF2 ones did contain three new characters apiece. The episode one cinema scenes were a waste of time frankly and quite half hearted attempts. Graxol Kelvyyn was ruined by having such a huge body shoved onto him with low detail and totally negated the detail put into his excellent head and arms. I'd like to see this figure repackaged on a single blister card with a shorter more detailed body to make use of such an excellent head sculpt. Thus giving more people a chance to sample the greatness they missed because the original release was shortpacked and HTF.

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    That's one thing I didn't like about Cinema Scenes, alot of'em were cheesy, but had exclusive figs, but the prices kept going up.
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    The 25 anniversary 2-packs where kind of cinema scenes.
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    I kind of liked the Cinema Scenes. We got figures we probably wouldn't have otherwise--Skiff Guards, Rebel Pilots, Jabba's Dancers, Cantina Aliens. Of course, the Dr. Evazan and Uncle Owen (posing as John Travolta in Satruday Night Fever) wern't the best sculpts.

    I am limiting myself to OT figures, so it doesn't bother me at all they aren't producing Cinema Scenes anymore.

    I don't see why Hasbro doesn't start with Star Wars 2 packs. Hasbro produces the GI Joe line, and all of those come in 2 packs.
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    love the scenes, who doesn't love the scenes

    Thy are by far my favorite display pieces, the only thing that could be better is custom dioramas. I wish they never stop producing them. I can think of so many I would have liked to see.

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    I wouldn't have minded them, but they always seemed to use cheaper plastics for the figures.


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