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    Cool AOTC figures for sale before April 23rd, NOT PREVIEWS

    I was visiting the Steamtown Mall in Scranton, PA with my Three sons. We always go to Boscov's to play with the Thomas the train toys. We walked around towards the star wars figures and they had AOTC figures for sale that are not to be sold until the 23rd. Deluxe for 9.99 were: Mace Windu, OB1, Jango Fett, and Count Dooku. Basic for 6.99 were: C3PO, Padme, Nikto, Dexter Jettster, Senator Jar Jar, Battle Droid, Genosian, Saesee Tin. These were not in a box that said "not for sale". They were on the shelves with prices on them, and there were obviously a lot already missing. Also seen was the new playskool x-wing playset, and Naboo fighter playset (very cute).
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    $7 a figure. Just think at Walmart you'll save $1.22 each figure. Well it sure sounds like the Jar Jar wave is gonna be out 4/23 then. OH YEAH!!! Coolest wave of them all. Never heard of Boscovs, well one thing that is for sure is I don't see how they can get in trouble for having the figures out early since the packaging doesn't say don't put out until 4/23. Almost sounds like that wave wasn't planned to be out this soon, meaning you would think if they planned on having that wave out on 4/23 they'd have that warning on the cases.


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