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    Oh, Geez! The flipping thing really does work!

    This is definitely exciting news for me. I bought these deluxe figures two nights ago and at first opening it I felt it sucked. The lightsabers are glued into the hands and the flipping mechanism was worth s**t. Finally, today my roomate and I played around with them. Before we knew it they were flipping. I don't know, I was really enjoying them. We were having a ball. So I have to say, these toys really can be fun and after you collect the figures you've been waiting for check these out. It's a nice diversion from life's stress. Ok, that's my two cents. Have a good one!
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    Do you think maybe theres a way to separate the saber from the hand? or does it look to difficult?
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    It's been molded in there. I was dissapointed because I wanted a cool Dooku figure to play around with. But the lightsabers are important to get them flipping. It helps when position them.
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    I've discovered that as well...

    I haven't been able to get the "boys" to land on their feet, but I'm sure I will eventually. It's still fun to try!!!
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    I have mastered El Dooku. The big tip is to bend him down a bit and twist the waist until the lightsaber points to the middle of the platform. Then, let 'em rip. It's quite fun too watch. Me and my roomate have contests. BRILLIANT!
    Luke:"Master Yoda you can't die!"

    Yoda:"Watch Me!"

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    Well, I picked up the Dooku tonight because they only had Deluxe and the Slave I. The back of the card says they will land on their feet "if you use the Force wisely." It also says one will need skill and practice.

    I'm really not big on the molded saber.


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