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    SSG Affiliate Customizing Site

    I am thinking about starting an entire new site dedicated to customizing and dioramas. It would be a SSG affiliated site.The only problem is, I'd need someone to maintain it like it was their own and bring on other customizers. I would provide graphics (if needed) and the programming. How many of you think this is a good idea?
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    would be pretty cool - maybe you could put a chat in it or something like that so we could talk about the customs shown and stuff

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    I don't do too many costums, except to correct Hasbro's errors (Snaggletooth's face, Biker Scout visors and such). Would it be possible to include a small section to show off original artwork, like my brother's sculpts?

    BTW, I'm really liking this "quick reply" thing, great idea!
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    I'd be interested in the diorama section. I don't do too many customs besides what BB implied, but I do dioramas. I don't know if I have the time to run it, but if it gets up I'd be more than happy to contribute as much as I could.
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    I don't have the knowledge to run a site, but I have plenty of customes to show off (and more on the way). So I'd dig a new site. Go for it Sir Steve. Have you ever check out this site. It's dedicated to Star Wars customizing.

    Someone there might be able to help.
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