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    Those figures are bad. The real scan looks good on some characters, but the Rock figures have never looked good. I remember the first ones before real scan and they had an incredibly goofy look on all the faces. Real scan did improve this on some characters, like HHH, but the Rock needs a good figure that looks like him and does him some justice.
    And I agree with him, the toys from The Scorpion King look like crap.
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    I like the preview Mace too.....

    what I don't get is, why wasn't that the Mace we got on the card???

    we got the same damn STAP......

    during the vintage days, they sent you the preview figure, and it was the SAME figure as the one they put on cards.....just a little earlier than everybody else got theirs.......

    so why did it change this time around?????

    I DIDN'T get the preview Mace, because I decided to "Wait until the carded version comes out".....but when it did, it was totally different.....

    I hate the huge cloak that the carded one comes with.....I want them *****in' robes the SP figure came with!!!!
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    Did they "flip" Rock's image so that they sculpted the wrong eyebrow up?

    Did they forget to include the scratch-n-sniff so we can smell what the Rock is cooking?

    BTW Ceasar, your latest avatar is so freaking hideous! I was repusled when I first saw it.

    I read Dereks post, w/ his cute avatar, then scrolled down and BAM!
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    Taichi, the red-box STAP has a better paint job than the green-box preview version, but I see what you're getting at. I think Hasbro wanted the Mace that came in box to be special while the carded one was supposed to be a real action figure.
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    I know, I know.......

    But at least the STAPs were the same sculpt!
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    I saw the Scorp figure of *in a gravelly Vince McMahon voice* Tha Rrrrawk today, and the criticisms are all valid. Not only does his visage feature a lemon sucking pose, the whole mouth could be better utililized in a Rocky Balboa sculpt.

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    I saw this figure yesterday!It looks like Mr.T and Chyna the wrestler had a baby. It did look a bit articulated..which is good I suppose.
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