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    Speaking of editing, how do you add and play your own music in the game?

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    Use the files I'm attaching to this post. It can be edited to play your own music by changing what mp3s it's directed to.
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    Thank you.

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    I agree with a feew of your points Bobe Rhett.

    A) I HATED that there weren't any civilians on the game. Nar Shaada was MUCH more believable in JK than Outcast partly because it felt like an actual city, not like a generic level in a video game. I loved some of the designs Raven did in Outcast, but they don't have any idea how to make a level look like a real place.

    B) There is no throw animation for the Thermal Detonator or explosive packs. That's just plain lazy. The thermal Detonator was my favorite wepond in Dark Forces and Jedi knight because you could bounce them around corners and such. It was very poorly implemented in Outcast.

    But I liked the lightsaber, it felt good and I liked the fact that it could cut things even when you weren't attacking with it. That felt very realistic to me.
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    My system is as follows:

    Pentium 4 1.4 gig
    256 RAM
    Windows 2000 Pro
    ATI Radeon 32bit
    Sound Blaster Live

    I have yet to experience any frame-rate choppiness

    And for the record I have yet to find any faults with Jedi Outcast.
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    Maybe my framerates are so low because I'm playing at 1600x1200...

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    Ditto, Deadeye.

    billfremore, if you haven't found any flaws, then your not looking hard enough..... or you loved the TPM game.

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    !!!!! Good one, Rhett. TPM was a lousy game...not unlike the movie it was based on.

    guess what? They're making an Attack of the CLones mod for JK2!!!!


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