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    clones troops

    I am confused are the guys which go on to those huge star destoyer type thingsand wear white armour republic clone troopers if so who is the enemy clones ,who is the army that is based on jango fett this is really statring to anoy me ,please ehlp

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    Yes, the white stormtrooper lookin guys are clones of Jango Fett. They are the ones Darth Tyranus ordered ten years earlier.......

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    who are the republic army guys (goodies)

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    Everyone thinks the clones are the good guys. I mean, after all, they will come in at the last minute and help save some of the Jedi and will also help in defeating the droid armies.

    The truth of the matter is that they are working for Palpatine/Sidious. The droid armies are working for Palpatine/Sidious as well. He's just fighting a big war against himself (secretly) to wipe out the Jedi and make himself look like the hero hotshot.

    So, in this movie the clones will look a little like stormtroopers and to the Jedi will appear to be good guys. Afterall, they will be led into battle by Yoda. We'll know otherwise since we'll see that Palpatine/Sidious really intends to use them to take control of the galaxy and wipe out the Jedi. In Ep. III it will be more obvious that this clone army is a drastic mistake!
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    exactly jawaboy.

    this link tells how Dooku ordered the droid army.

    I goofed on an earlier post. Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas (Sido-Dyas/Sidious/Palpatine) is the one that ordered the clones.

    So one meanie orders clones, one orders droids. They go to Geonosis and have one big butt kicking party.

    Then the rise of the Empire start..............

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    Thanx for the help all ,much clearer now ,thanx


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