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    Exclamation Hanger Duel Anakin (SPOILERS)

    I've just learned from reading the back of his card that like Zam, this Anakin figure will also have a removable arm.
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    Cool, but Im still not sure about the whole spinning hand gimmick, I hope it doesnt ruin the figure articulation-wise.
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    I hope the "wheel" that you use to turn his wrist isn't large and obtrusive. Overall the better Anakin coming out so far, IMO. Still not sure about all these slashing action gimmicks, though.
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    Guess we'll have to wait and see, won't we?
    Although I must admit it's VERY hard to tell, I don't think the wheel thingy on his back is going ot be too...horrendous. So to speak.
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    Hopefully we'll get an Anakin without the levers and screws and just get a nice sculpt that's accurate. The whole arm shouldn't be removeable, but I guess Lucasfilm didn't give Hasbro a lot of information to work with, so I'll let that slide.

    Based on the pictures floating around, a high-quality resculpt of Anakin could be fabulous. I'd like it to be deluxe, so we can get the Swoop Bike, and cloth clothing, so we can get lots of articulation.

    And a more accurate battle wound that can be replaced with something neato.
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    He's an improvement on Anakin #1. Just can't wait for the Dooku-Skywalker 2-pack with Sith Lightning, assuming of course they release a 2-pack, which I doubt.

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    A #3 resculpt is needed for Anakin!!!!

    A Coruscant Anakin, with robes and standing position would be my favourite, I know it , but gotta wait for a year to see it
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    A Good sculpt of OBiWan is a MUST also!!
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    They must be dead by now...
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    I think that Hasbro is going a little overboard with all the features. One is cool, but too many is too many. Not allof the figures shoudl have it.
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    I am not big on the whole spinning arm thing (sounds kind of goofy) but I like the removable right arm.

    My question is-- does he lose his HAND (i.e. at the wrist similar to Luke in ESB) or does he lose his ARM (i.e. at or near the elbow)??

    It would seem logical that we would get an Anakin with a removable hand/arm and a replacement metallic one.

    I agree-- the Hangar Duel Anakin is leagues better than the vintage style one.


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