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  1. #1 many vehicles do you have?

    Well.....I never set out to collect the POTF and Episode 1 just happened.....

    my first vehicle was the Tie Fighter......I got it for X-Mas.......then, on my B-day, the following year, I got the X-Wing....

    I never asked for them, and they take up space.....but they're cool, and I'd never get rid of 'em....

    then, I got some small vehicles.....Speeders and the like.......I bought these myself, because they're small.....

    THEN, I got the A-Wing.....whoo hoo.....sweet vehicle, and one of the few I wanted as a kid......

    After Episode One came out, and subsequently got discounted, I got Anakin's Podracer for $5, so I couldn't lose....

    then, my dad and brother found the Millenium Falcon (POTF) for $2 at a yardsale, missing only the top cannon, the Smuggler's compartment cover, and one Landing ramp strut (A quick trip to ebay took care of that)

    and just last night, I grabbed the Naboo Fighter for $, Due to circumstances, and luck, I've amassed a very large collection of large vehicles.....that to start with, I didn't even want!!!

    now I gotta get me a Jedi Starfighter!
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    I really only buy the vehicles that come with figures. Mainly because thats where my passion is, the figures

    So I have:

    Luke with Speeder Bike (both versions)
    Leia with Speeder Bike
    Ronto w/ Jawa (is a Ronto considered a vehicle?)
    Dewback w/ Stormtrooper (is a Dewback considered a vehicle?)
    Cloud Car w/ Pilot
    Swoop Bike w/ Swoop Trooper
    That other expanded universe thingy that I cant remember right now

    Space limitations have also caused me not to buy any huge vehicles although I have always wanted an X-Wing, AT-AT, and Falcon.

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    Yeah, I'd love to have a complete POTF AT-AT........

    oh well.....maybe one day.....

    and yes, Rontos and Dewbacks are considered vehicles.....

    and the name of that other EU thingie, is the Airspeeder.....I have it too.......
    "You will shed tears of crimson"-Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)


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    Yeah thats it!!!

    Didnt get that stormtrooper head pokey out thing. What were they thinking? Or were they thinking?

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    I have (all POTF2 and beyond):

    millenium falcon
    vader's tie fighter
    swoopwbike with swooptrooper
    speederbike with luke
    E-1 Droid Fighters
    Sebulba's Podracer
    dewback with sandtrooper
    ronto wit jawa
    jabba with han solo
    darth maul with sith speeder
    darth maul with sith attack speeder

    actually that's a quite decent list I got their although I don't even display most of them !

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    Erghhh, counting everything;

    Y-Wing vintage
    Land Speeder
    M. Falcon
    Tie Fighter x2
    AT-ST x3
    Scout Trooper w/ Bike
    Luke w/ Bike (I didn't know there were 2 versions)
    Vader's TIE
    Swoop w/ GI Joe lookin' guy
    Slave I
    Tatooine Skiff
    TIE Interceptor
    Naboo Fighter x2
    Naboo Royal Starship
    Anakin's Pod
    Sebulba's Pod
    TF Tank
    Flash Speeder

    I think that's it, not sure though. I don't display too many big ships anymore, no room.
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    Well, let's see, here's the list:

    TIE Interceptor
    Y-Wing (traded a TIE Interceptor for this)
    B-Wing (traded a TIE Interceptor for this also)
    Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
    AT-ST with speederbike
    Dash's Outrider
    Luke's T-16
    Naboo Fighter
    Ani's Podracer
    Sebulba's Podracer

    I only bought the EP1 stuff b/cuz it was on sale.

    Ultimatly I want ALL of the OT vehicles from the newer (1995+) lines.

    BTW, ALL of my vehicles are loose!
    May the force be with you.

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    Oh yeah, and a Slave I I found at TRU for $9.97
    May the force be with you.

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    I'd like to have another regular TIE Fighter, the TIE Bomber, Two TIE Interceptors, and Vader's TIE
    "You will shed tears of crimson"-Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)


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    Luke w/ Bike (I didn't know there were 2 versions)
    Box variation. One has glove on one hand, the other has no gloves on.


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