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    Unhappy Jedis are dead meat

    All our favorite Jedis, minus Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin, are going to die before ANH. From the looks of that battle scene in the Clone War trailer, the body count's going to begin in AOTC.

    Who do you think is going to survive? And who will die? Who do you want to die? Who can't you bear to think of becoming one with the Force?

    Ki-Adi: He's in AOTC, but the only major Jedi I know of to not have an AOTC resculpt (yet). Could mean he's a goner, or it could mean Hasbro knows they got him pretty dead-on (no pun intended) in the E1 line. If he goes, he'll be sorely missed.

    Mace: Too major to die. . . yet. I think he's going down in E3.

    Saesee "The Sassy One" Tiin: He'll either live or have one spectacular death scene. After all, he has a resculpt coming.

    Eeth Koth: Just had a TPM figure (finally) produced. I think he's going to stay around.

    Plo Koon: Two resculpts? Definitely going to be around for E3.

    Yaddle: Cannon fodder. One Yoda is enough.

    Evan Piell: See Yaddle.

    Adi-Gallia: Like Ki-Adi, had a figure early on in the E1 line. Unlike him, she doesn't appear prominently in any promo material. Could go either way.

    Yarael Poof: Hoping he stays, because I want a figure of him already!

    Oppo "Goatboy" Rancisis: The dumbest design of all. I want to see him be tortured to death by Sidious.

    Nikto: They didn't bother to give the dude a proper name. He's deader than Jacob Marley.

    N'Sync: Hopefully dead.
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    Mmmm....why would this be in the Non-Spoiler section? Its kind of hard to make assumptions or guess on this matter, unless you're talking just a blind guess with no other information on the film.

    I personally think that most will die. Ones that I don't think won't are; Mace and Plo Koon.
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