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    I make my own dioramas !

    You can see the most impressive dioramas I maked in my website :

    You will find :

    - My Carbon Freeze Room with making of
    - My Millenium Falcon Cockpit with making of
    - My making of the Jabba Sail Barge

    I expect you will enjoy !

    The translation (from France) is automatic but not perfect : click on the flag...

    I wait your comments

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    a teaser

    a teaser picture

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    you live in france!?! me too actually I;m german but I live here since summer
    are you intersted in a swimming jar-jar? maybe we could work out a trade (and maybe meat in paris like in a comic shop like album or pulps)

    oh and BTW those dioramas look great - you posted your falcon pics to niubniub too, didn't you ?

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    The swimming Jar Jar is the only figure that I keep under his blister because it doesn't interest me...
    If your interested I sell a new Tie Bomber (about 50 euros)

    Nevertheless, I live in France and near Paris. I know Pulp's and Album. I will be at the first release of the Attack Of The Clones at the "Grand Rex" with most than a hnudred of fans...Will you be there ?

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    That's great work and I might have seen your work in the French site Star Wars Universe where I've also had mine featured. Glad to have you on board and check your PM.
    SSG Dioramas Editor
    ACPin Star Wars Webmaster

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    I actually live in Garches, an east "banlieu" of paris
    what is Grand Rex ? don't know it... BTW you heard about meeting jeremy bulloch and david prowse on the 27th? I'll probably go
    more info in the picturefile

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    If you don't know what is the Grand Rex, you will probably miss the great event about the first release of the Attack of the Clones in France...
    Follow this link

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    Thumbs up

    Wow Bossk
    You're pretty good... I like it alot...

    What are your next projects... ???

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    After the barge...I prefer to keep it secret, but I have got a lot of ideas !

    I think that they wont be as technical than the Cockpit or as big than the barge, but nevertheless I try to make never seen (or rare) diorama...

    I follow only 2 words : quality and allegiance with regard to the film...

    I think also of making vehicles never made by Hasbro, and of copying them to sell them...

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    went to the arkham today, bossk and you should look at those prices (if you have never been there) !!! episode 1 figs still 15 euros and POTJ also ! spawns are 22 euros! WTF is wrong with them !?! and they sell new (POTF2) figs on vintage cards for 55 euros

    BTW how old are you ?


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