Mel Gibson fights Jews and alcoholism - no wait, strike that....

Mel Gibson fights biker gang members and degenerate road gangs in this series that takes place mostly after nuclear appocalypse.

The first two movies has him driving the super V-8 engine "Interceptor" after the bad guys like they just hijacked his favorite beer truck.

The second movie must have been edited, as the beginning doesn't clearly show all the deleted scenes of Jews causing World War III that must have been included in the original take of the film.

Anyway, Max certainly can drive in these movies. It's not like he's loaded.

The guy who played Tion Meddon in "Revenge of the Sith" (forgot his name) stars in the latter two movies as an anti-hero type that winds up helping Max who has an uncanny penchant for his being dedicated to justice.

This trait cumulates in his showdown with Tina Turner as "Auntie" in the final movie, "Beyond Thunderdome."

I always thought that now would be the time to do Mad Max 4 & 5 movies, the first sponsored by Coors Brewing Company and titled, "Beyond Rocky Mountain," and the second as yet to be titled, but sponsored by the nation of Iran - called something like "The Nazi Warrior."

Meanwhile, if you like action movies, these films have got it! While Terminator 3 finally did a new take on the Hollywood car chase with lots of damage, these movies were the predacessors to Too Fast, Too Furious films and got folks addicted to speed.

Thunderdome added something for WWF fans and a guest appearance by Mini-Me and The Rainman.

Remembering Tom Cruise - both stars (he & Gibson) play hero characters with friends called Goose that tragically die, prompting such Pulitzer lines like "Gooooose! Nooooo!" to be uttered in each film.

Actually, another thing these stars have in common is their penchant for making trouble in the film industry with their notorious personalities. It's been suggested that Gibson and Cruise were both slated to star in a new movie which also cast Halle Berry, and this was the singularly direct cause of death for Stanley Kubrick.

Any way, due to some racial remarks Mel Gibson made during his last drunken tirade, he is currently on a spaceship with Tom Cruise at this very moment, learning to be more sensitive to extra-terrestrials. It turns out that if The Borg find him worthy of assimilation, look forward to "The Passion of the Cube" in 2009.