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    T3: Rise of the Machines

    here's a good update on next year's release of T3.
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    Cool, thanks for the info. I'm looking forward to the T3, as the first 2 are some of my favorite films.

    I'm surprised they didn't go with Edward Furlong in T3, since he'd be about the right age, and they used him for the Terminator 3D ride at Universal Studios.
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    Warner Brothers? The Terminator Franchise and rights are owned by Universal. Is this information right?
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    I was also surprised at Furlong not being cast again as John Conner. Was discussing it over lunch, and one opinion that came up was that maybe the studio wanted a John Conner that appealed to more women/girls to draw more female film-goers? Don't ask me, I'm a guy! I don't care what John Conner looks like, as long as he can act. I saw this Stahl kid in In the Bedroom, and he seemed like a good actor. Still, I'd like to have seen Furlong again.
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    Furlong didn't wanna do it, from what I understand. There was some talk of hiring Hayden from E2 as the older John Conner, but it looks like that has fallen thru.

    Rumors are saying that Linda Hamilton didn't want to return either, and I think she said that the only way she would come back is if the charecter is dead and she appeared only in flashback. She wants to put the whole Terminator franchise behind her, even though it's the series that made her a star, and she is best known for.

    Oh well, without Cameron at the helm, I think the movie is gonna majorly tank anyway. I don't know the director well enough, but he doesn't seem the type to make a futuristic action picture.

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    I think that since Carolco went under, the rights to the Terminator franchise were in legal limbo for many years.

    To be honest, I don't want a T3, T2 was the right way to end the series and it'd be cheapened by anything else.
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    i'm with you jar jar. i have MAJOR worries about this film. i hope arnold isn't just reviving this role because he hasn't had a hit film since "true lies" in 1994.

    as almost without exception, arnold movies range from so-so to plain awful without james cameron directing.

    so is this film going to be set after the nuclear war, or was there ever one? shouldn't destroying cyber-dyne, the original T-800 arm and chip, and stopping miles dyson's research put a stop to the "rise or the machines"?

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    T2 sewed up the Terminator story quite nicely. Making this sequel will simply cheapen how good the two original movies were.

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    I agree. How they are going to re-write a "good" Arnold back in are beyond me.
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    I don't know too much about the film's plot, but I do feel this is a bad idea. I love the first one, it scared the hell out of me as a kid. And it warranted a sequel because it was already set up for one - Sarah Connor heading off into the storm, she had a lot of work to "prepare" her son for what we knew was coming. The plot didn't mean to eliminate the future threat, only to guarantee that John would have the chance to lead the resistance.

    And I love T2, for different reasons. But the whole point of that movie was to eliminate the future threat of SkyNet (sp?) and leave an OPEN ENDED future.

    That's not to say it is impossible that the machines will still find a way to rise ( ), but any plotline is going to have to come out of nowhere. At least, that's what I perceive.


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