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Thread: Beast Packs

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    Beast Packs

    I am looking for the Tusken Raider and Bantha and Luke and the Rancor. If anyone has any extras let me know what you want for them.

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    I have both the Luke & Rancor and the Bantha & Tusken Raider.

    Will trade for a Toyfair Vader or Jorg Sacul.


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    Just Kidding I'm looking for those 2 also.

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    Still have those Beast Packs if you need them.

    Have you access to Bespin Vader/Luke or Rebel Endor Soldier from the latest Saga assortment ?.

    What else do you have for trade ?.

    Perhaps you might want to send me a list.


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    i have both of those ill sell you for 40$ apiece
    email me at
    i also have an entire collection for sale, lots of variants, red card, green card, freeze frames, and 12s


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