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    Boba Fett Prototype in range?

    Boba Fett Prototype,

    Is the Boba Fett Prototype in range? Does someone have the item? Is it worth it to get an replica? Where can ou get a good replica?
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    Last I heard it was expensive enough to trade in for a new car.

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    last time I saw a "real" Boba Fett prototype, a place called cloud city collectables had one ( think it was them) on Ebay. As I remember the reserve was around $15,0000, there is one now on ebay

    this one is a custom, I think it would be your best bet,(unless your loaded) they look pretty much like the original
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    Well, Range is how much you have to spend. It's not really in my range.
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    Are all the rocket-firing vintage BFs called prototypes or just the ones that are unpainted? I would just settle for having a complete BF. I kick myself every time I think about having sold mine when I was 13 years old.
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    The prototypes are the rocket firing ones, since that feature was removed before production. If somehow you got your hands on a rocket-firing production version of Boba Fett then you either have: 1. a fake, or 2. a one of a kind collectible that nobody knew about. Chances are it would be impossible to sell a production version of the rocket-firing Fett, since common knowledge dictates it was never produced. So anyone who could afford the thousands it would be worth would just assume it was a fake.

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    This is probably why I will never get a Vinyl Cape Jawa, since it's relatively easy to make fakes. If it's really cheap, it can't be real. If it's real, it'll be expensive. Dilemma. If you want a missle firing Fett, buy a cheap vintage one as customize it yourself.
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    Yeah Brian's Toys used to sell replica vinyl jawa capes for like $10. I just recently saw replica double-telescoping Luke, Darth and Ben sabers for around $35 each on BT's website!

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    I wouldn't buy anything that said it was real without proof!

    Just get a fake to be safe!
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    I wouldn't buy anything that said it was real without proof! Just get a fake to be safe!
    Huh? So, you'd pay outrageous prices for fakes? I is being confuzzed, GNT. Or is this a "down under" phase? j/k
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