Hey, I'm the first one to post in the vintage section of the new forums!

Ok, many of us know that www.gadders.com has taken over the insert and sticker warehousing duties that starwarsinserts.com used to do.

Gadders recently put in the Death Star stickers from the Kenner Death Star Playset.

My question is - where do they all go! I have my original Death Star, with what I THOUGHT were all the original stickers, but the only stickers it has are on the 1st floor control panels and the top floor tractor beam deactivation area. The sticker sheet at gadders has several other stickers, and I don't know where dey go! These stickers I'm questioning are the row of 5 (or so) red dots.

I have an original Death Star Instruction sheet, but it only describes assembly and operation, and NOT sticker placement.

Can anybody help me out here?