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    Battle Droid Factory?

    Are there any pics of the Battle Droid factory from the other side of the Arena Playset anywhere on the net?

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    There's a BattleDroid factory on the other side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I always wanted a BattleDroid factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My dreams have come true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm definately buying this set!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope Hasbro doesn't screw it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Imagine this...a battle droid factory that comes with 20 battle droids that you can take apart and build back as if it were a real working factory?
    Anakin - "Do you call this a diplomatic solution?"
    Padme - "I call it aggressive negotiations!"

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    I hear that as well, the reverse is the factory but the pice we've seen is the conveyor belt. If you've seen the TOYFAIR pics there's an R3 droid on it and it has a big arm with what looks like a masher on the end. I assumed that that was the factory but if there's more then I think we need to see it. Am I correct in assuming this won't be released until the fall? Seems a little daft to make people wait that long for the only playset. Unless there was a problem with the designs because LFL hadn't sent them over so they had to wait until the designs were finalised. That seems logical as you can't make something if you don'r know what it looks like.


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