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    Unhappy crystalizing vintage figs?

    Has anyone noticed that some vintage figures have a tendency to crystalize? Some of my figures such as Teebo, 4-Lom (the tan figure, not Zuckuss), and others are starting to develop a sugary looking coating around parts of them (legs, shoulders, etc.). I was wondering if anyone else has had figures crystalize on them.
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    Someone once posted that their Imperial Dignitary's arm was "frosting" up like that. I think it we decided it had something to do with the plastic that certain factories over in Asia were using towards the end of the run. It certainly doesn't happen to all the figures because mine are fine and I played with them pretty rough (bathtub, left outside, etc) so environment and exposure weren't a factor. Sucks that you have so many that are doing that. Sorry, bud.

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    I have seen a couple carded figures with a dusty mold accumulating. The cards in question had cracks in the bubble or the seal had come loose.

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    No, none of these guys are carded. They're all loose. Actually, I always keep my vintage guys in little ziploc baggies when I'm not displaying them. I never noticed them crystalizing before though. I only noticed it recently. I thought maybe keeping them in bags with no air might have been what's causing it but now I guess it's just bad plastic quality used during production. It just freaks me out to think about waking up someday and finding a pile of sugary stuff on my ewok village that used to be teebo!
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    AdmiralPiett, you aren't the one who spread all those anthax letters, are you?

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    A thread in the old forum suggested setting them in the sun for awhile and the "frost/crystal" would dissappear. You have nothing to lose by trying.
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    Cool - I started that thread (under an old name)! I never saw that advice, so if anyone is here that once used the name "slickone" . . .

    -originally posted by slickone- I wonder if our advice worked out. I know if I posed a question and was helped I would at least reply if the solution worked or not.
    I apologize, I never saw the replies. To answer the question, no I have not tried the sunlight trick. With Spring in the air, I'm thinking about it.

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    I have a couple MOC Imperial Dignitaries that are "frosting" on the legs. Oh, well, the cards and bubbles are beautiful though.

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    This is some kind of break down in the plastic. As the chemical bonds break down over time their form new bonds that are more stable. I don't think there is a way to stop it. I wouldn't try putting any of your figures in the sun. The sun is a likely source of the problem. The best thing to do is put them in a cool, dark, and dry place.
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