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  • The Y-wing Fighter is "the bomb!"

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  • Darth Vader's TIE now is The Master!

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    The SSG BATTLE OF THE MACHINES Round 1 - Fight 11!!!

    Oh my Lord, as in Dark Lord! Will this Battle of the Machines' round be intense!

    The Dog Fight is back, and while we all love Star Wars for its awesome fleets of fightercraft, tonight the blazing battle across the stars will reach critical temperatures!


    "Get set up in attack formation!"

    The Koensayr BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighter as represented by Hasbro's toy features extremely realistic Gold Squadron detailing straight from the Rebel's victory flight that won the Battle of Yavin. From the vintage days to now, the front laser cannons have been shortened a little, and the on-board Astromech is now represented by a dedicated prop versus having a droid slot that could hold an additional R2 unit action figure in this compartment. The cockpit still opens to seat one action figure, included as a bonus with this Rebel ship. An exclusive pilot figure comes with this Target Stores exclusive ship. The engine nacells are removeable, not without some difficulty, to pretend to affect repairs to battle damage. But the Y-wing can do some real damage on bombing runs by dropping its main payload weapon from its underbelly. A rotating, twin ion cannon rounds out the ship's attack and defensive armaments. (I just updated this description by adding that the Y-wing comes complete with remote activated landing gear! - definitely the best out of all the fighter ships, all 3 skids are designed realistically and come down in unison via one remote lever - pretty cool and I can't believe I forgot that!)

    Darth Vader's Sienar Fleet Systems Advanced TIE Fighter is a main bad-boy in the Empire's Starfleet! This ship is completely resculpted compared to the vintage version, and features an awesome array of weapons the Dark Lord of the Sith can command from the one-seat cockpit. This ship accomodates ONLY Darth Vader, or he'll be very, very mad! At his disposal are repositioning laser cannons that can be extended or withdrawn, plus dual missle launchers that actually fire rockets. The main body's molding is authentically styled straight from "A New Hope" and features the crest where Lord Vader's ship has room to be the only TIE Fighter to have shields and a hyperdrive installed on board.

    Which one of these superb Hasbro Star Wars toys could be your favorite vehicle?

    Vote now and then let's talk about some really tough choices!
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    Vader's TIE! No contest, end of discussion. It had the repeating guns and the cool green missiles. Plus, let's not forget the fact that it's Vader's ship!!!

    All the Y-Wing is, is an out of scale rebel fighter with a molded droid and flimsy engine prongs...
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    I vote Vader's Tie since I don't even have the Y-Wing Fighter.

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    Gotta go Vader's TIE as well, Tycho. Way to cool a ship, and Hasbro did the ship a decent job by completly resculpting the bubble section of the ship from the vintage version to actually be movie correct. I dispise that stupid battery compartment/handle on the vintage and new versions of the TIE Fighter and TIE Interceptor. This ship was one of the best ships period in the POTF2 line, end of contest.

    The Y-Wing is an ok ship, just not one of my favorites. The ship could really do for an updating to make it more properly scaled. Removing the droid slot was bad as well, they should have packed in a new Astromech, and a better pilot. The paintjob is great though, but it still doesn't help it beat Vader's ship.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    Obviously I voted the same way as you guys, as you can tell this early in the game.

    JarJar, I completely agree with everything you just said and couldn't have put it better myself!

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    Originally posted by Tycho
    Obviously I voted the same way as you guys, as you can tell this early in the game.

    JarJar, I completely agree with everything you just said and couldn't have put it better myself!
    Great minds think alike...or is it just more proof that one of us is a clone of the other. All is occuring as I have foreseen.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Emperor Binks
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    Only if Vader 's Tie's cockpit was as detailed as Vader's Tie Gunner Station, it's detailed very well.

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    Vaders Tie Fighter
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    I dont know about you guys but I'm going for the Y-Wing. Its just one cool looking ship. Vaders fighter is just to stupid looking. At least the Y-Wig didn't have a freighter sneak up and shoot it.

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    I obi-ject. This is an outrage! We should send out a commission..

    Okay I couldn't help that.

    But seriously. Most people seem to be going for the Imp ships in these polls. I thought this is only about the toy itself. Keeping it to that, I wil say that I like the detail on the Y-wing and so what if there's a molded R2. At least we finally got this ship. (even if in small quantities) I've always liked the shape of it. Vader's tie isn't that much of a departure from the traditional tie and therefore rather boring to me. At least the rebels have different styles. A, B, X, Y- wings all look different. The only thing that vader's tie has over the other types of tie's is that the wings don't get into the field of view when piloting. yes i know the t-bomber has the same wings but this again is a rather boring design.

    Another thing LANDING GEAR. I happen to like that real world feel of it.

    okay so enough of my rant.

    Move along, move along


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