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  • The Y-wing Fighter is "the bomb!"

    55 45.08%
  • Darth Vader's TIE now is The Master!

    67 54.92%
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    I'm w/ jedi master sal, Y-Wing all the way!

    Vader's TIE is kind of boring. I've had it boxed up for a few years now b/c it just hasn't captured my imagination.

    Now the y-wing is cool! I realize and agree that it's a little out of scale, but I'm so glad to have it. The detail and paint deco are cool, and the droid prop don't bother me.
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    YVH-1 head

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    I'll have to go with the Y-Wing... I've always been Rebel Scum

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    It looks like the tide is turning towards the Y-Side. DV's ship is a tad boring. It could use some electronic action. The Y-Wing is a good ship, including an action figure (although he is pretty white bread), with the only major drawback being lack of an actual droid socket.

    I say Y-Wing gets my vote.
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    Wow! This match is currently as close as the Millennium Falcon versus the Queen's Royal Starship!

    No predictions here! I wouldn't care to even guess who is going to win between Darth Vader's TIE and the Y-wing!

    I'm glad this matchup is proving to be one of the more interesting ones of the preliminaries!

    All of the Round 1 fights from here on out are going to get REALLY good! There are 5 left, before we make it to the Quarterfinals!!!

    Who will be in the next round?

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    Since I'm not really a fan of either toy, I based my vote for the Y-Wing on it's "others". I like the window box it comes packaged in better than the previous POTF box. And it came with a cool, new, exclusive pilot. Well, maybe Ten Nunb isn't exactly cool, but you get my point. Plus, the "old" Y-Wing was always my favorite when I was a kid, even though the long engine thingies broke in about twenty minutes.

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    I vote for Vader's TIE, even though I hate the design of the toy. Sure it's an improvement over the vintage one; but just barely. The Y-Wing rerelease took away my favorite feature, the empty droid socket, so it loses out on principle alone (along with the fact that I've never actually seen the toy).

    Unfortunately, it seems we will never get a better version of Vader's ship unless I get a job for Hasbro. It's really too bad, it really could have used the Power FX X-Wing type of treatment. But I understand that one of Hasbro's chief designers took a personal interest in seeing that ship made and built the prototype himself on his own spare time. Doubtful Vader's TIE will ever get the same treatment.
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    i have to vote y-wing as well. i like the detailing and that 'beat-the-hell-out-of' look. that's what the rebels were all about. true, the molded-in droid and the carbon-copy pilot is a bit disappointing, but overall this is one sweet ship.

    and while i'm glad to see that hasbro finally released a movie-accurate vader TIE fighter, it's appearance is rather plastic and blase. the thing that really turns me off about vader's TIE is the addition of cannons and missiles to the wing struts. i really hate all the "improvements" hasbro attempted to try to make the toys "more exciting".

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    The exclusive figure is just a Biggs fig w/ a new head (or just no mustache). BTW, it lloks like the first POTF2 Luke X-Wing makes a return in the new W-M Snowspeeder (it's wearing the snow padded suit).

    Tycho- So we have 5 more to go, can you give us a heads up on the remaining Battles? How about a brief review of the past winners and losers?
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    YVH-1 head

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    Well, the upcoming fights are supposed to be surprises! Tune in every late Thursday night / Friday morning for the next one!

    There is one remaining lightweight match - next week. But it's a good one!

    There's another in the midsize category.

    There's one final Dog Fight in the preliminaries (Classic Star Wars starfighter matchup).

    And there will be two Episode 2 fights to close it up with the Preliminaries, but I'm allowing adequate time for everyone to purchase these vehicles.


    As to a recap of the last 10 fights:

    1) the X-wing beat the TIE Fighter
    2) Sebulba outraced Anakin Skywalker
    3) the AT-AT crushed the Snowspeeder
    4) Luke's Landspeeder outmaneuvered the Flash Speeder
    5) the TIE Interceptor blasted the A-wing
    6) the Millennium Falcon outran the Naboo Royal Starship
    7) the AT-ST stomped on the T-16
    8) the 74-Z Speederbike swept the S-Swoop
    9) the N-1 Fighter made a mess of the Droids
    10) Slave-One preyed on the Outrider

    The closest fight was the Falcon versus the Starship

    The largest victory proportionate to voting numbers was the AT-ST.

    The largest win by a percentage went to the old Slave-One.

    Personally, I supported most of those victorious so far, exceptions being that I liked the Flash Speeder and the A-Wing.

    What about you guys? Any victories contested?

    How are you guys (who are just coming in) voting between the Y-wing and Vader's TIE?

    This is going to be a close one!

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    Y-wing all the way. It is the best SW ship of all time and the toy does it a lot of justice. I like the molded in droid and the lame pilot. Vader's Tie is so boring looking and the green missiles are retarded. They so don't match the rest of the ship.

    Come on Y-wing!


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