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    Dianoga/trash compactor playset

    Would anyone like to have a trash compactor playset w/the Dianoga? IMHO I would love to have the Dianoga on a card. I didn't know where to post this topic. So I hope this is ok, thanks.

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    Yeah this should be the ok place to post it considering it would be part of the Saga line if released. :happy:

    I'd like to see a dianoga also, not really on card since there's not alot of places to put it but maybe if Hasbro ever gets the idea of an interconnecting Death Star diorama I'd like to see a $25-30 set of the garbage chute with some great detail, newer figures and a dianoga, plus it'd be cool if you could fill it up with water a little.
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    If they release a Death Star, I would want it to be a whole unit... not sections. I'd like to see them revamp the old one and do a little something extra with it. I think it would work out just fine. I wouldn't really care if it was all out of scale... just as long as it was cool. The vintage one IS cool.
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    Cool idea...very cool. I would love that playset. It would need to come with a stinking "walking carpet" figure though.

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    I'd totally go for a redo of the classic vintage Death Star. That would be sweet. Just retool it a bit and give us a little detention block for our heros to rescue the princess from and a garbage chute to said Trash Compactor and I'd be a very happy camper indeed.

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    I hate the idea of a playset with the Dianoga because it would mean the quality of the Dianoga suffering due to costs of production.
    I'd rather see it released as a deluxe beast on a large blister card with a New Luke in Stormtrooper disguise, (with dry hair), removable helmet, plus articulation from the commtech Stormtrooper. We can easily throw together a couple of walls and a pile of trash for a diorama but a decent luke Stormtrooper and a decent sculpt on the Dianoga are more important IMO.
    If Hasbro used the pics from the wildlife of star wars book then this thing would be phenominal.

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    I've posted this before that we need a trash compactor playset. My idea was to have it with moving walls, a bunch of "trash" to fill it with, a door that could open up, a shoot at the top to drop them into, and the dianoga monster. Plus I also had an idea that this could connect to a much better Dention Area than the one we already have. The door from the Trash Compactor would attach to a hallway that leads to where Luke and Leia Swing for freedom, and it also braches out into 3 more areas to where Obi-Wan deactivates the tractor beam, to the main hangar where the falcon is kept, and to the area where Obi-Wan and Vader duel it out. Plus there could be a watch tower with a small extra room for the droids to hide in. This is completely possible and if Hasbro sold them separately then the cost wouldn't be too bad. Plus if you don't have the money for it all right then, then you can just get the pieces you need later.

    I agree that a Dianoga Monster is a must. The vintage one was all the same color and wasn't all that great.
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    Wasn't all that great????????? Are you the understater of the year or something? Dear gods man the vintage dianoga was atrociously appalingly dreadfully tragically hatefully bad. it was as bad as the figures from the droids cartoons. As detailed as a gelatinous mush that got trod on.

    Sadly you're idea will never see the light of day because hasbro would never spend so much time and effort concentrating on one area like that. you might get a trash compactor playset but with only a small number of the features you want. Or you might get the control center that the droids hide in. Or you might get the detention block control center but not all of them. And if the connected it would be as badly as the crappy episode one theed playsets. It's delusion to see these things as cool or good because they really are no better than a few leftovers from model kits stuck together and a big gun shoved in for good measure. terrible toys. There isn't a single playset that is worth buying IMO. Much better to concentrate your efforts on asking Hasbro to release some decent figures and a medium sized beast of the Dianoga with decent sculpt and loads of tendrils and to scale. And if they made it from soft vinyl it would be squishy too just like a big octopus. They could give it bendy tentacles so it can wrap them round victims. Put a thing inside so when you squeeze it's rear tentacle the mouth opens and closes. It could have a telescoping eye stalk. Interesting play features that hasbro would be better off putting energy into instead of putting out lumps of useless plastic playset with no detail and stupid useless features that never look right and never work properly. At least when they put their minds to it they can make the figures and beasts well.

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    I wasn't implying that Hasbro would indeed make a playset like that. All their past Playset IMO have been way out of scale and horribly cheap looking. All I was saying is that I'd like to have a playset like it. The only way I think that it could be properly done would be to customize your own. That is what I plan on doing someday.

    I agree the monster should definately be the first priority over the playset.
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    So it's only a 'monster' if it tries to kill somebody? I'd bet that a ronto or a dewback or a taun-taun could very well incapacitate somebody, but they're just 'beasts' or 'creatures'

    I feel sympathetic for the dianoga, this large creature having to live in filth while worrying that one day it would be crushed by the walls of the garbage disposal room. And what if it was fond of playing with trash pieces, and though that Luke was really just a new toy that had dropped in?

    Anywho, I would like the dianoga somewhere in the future. With the playset, it would just end up being a green block with an eyestalk that breaks off after a month. I'd like it to scale, and made of real-feel slimy material that bends without getting warped out of shape. Something more rigid than the POTJ weapons plastic, but something that could be bent into place, stay there, then be reposed. Auch, I'm rambling again...
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