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    Cool Mr. Pink Yes or No.

    Has anyone in here ever seen Resivour Dogs? I have an on going debate that needs to be laid to rest. Does Mr. Pink get away with the dimonds or not? Do the cops laying in wait shoot him or does he make it away? Well it is in your hands now boys lets hear you answers and many mind numbing thoughts!
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    I've always thought that the breifcase in Pulp Fiction contained the diomands from Resevour Dogs
    and then she said "Do ya love me?" and I said "NO! but thats a pretty nice ski mask!"

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    I think he gets away, definetley.

    P.S. I've never thought of that before would be kind of a cool connection.
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    If you listen up close and try to make out what's going on, you'll hear Mr. Pink try to make a getaway. The cops show up, shoot out the tires, and Mr. Pink shrieks, "I've been shot, g******it!" One of the policemen then says, "Did you kill a cop? Are you a cop killer?" The click of the handcuffs follow, then the force busts in and takes care of Mr. White. It's hard to make out what is being said since Harvey Keitel's groans muffle out a portion of it, but according to sources who said they read the script, and through a Buscemi interview, Mr. Pink does indeed survive -- but must take the rap for that afternoon's heist.

    As for the contains Marsellus' soul. This theory is used more than any other, considering the visuals and plot line. Marsellus wears a bandage in the back of his head, perhaps to cover an incision which The Devil made to take the soul. Jules and Vincent experience "Divine Intervention" in getting the briefcase, and Jules' Ezekiel 25:17 speech talks about evil and all that other biblical stuff.

    P.S. I got these answers from a Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction FAQ website.........

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    Mr. pink gets away and becomes a lowsy waiter portraying Buddy Holly.
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    I've always believed that he tries to get away and is captured, just judging by the sounds at the end. My friends and I have studied the movie very closely, even slowing it down to solve arguments as to who shoots who at the end. We often find ourselves with a lot of time on our hands.

    I've never really bought the theory of Marcellus's soul being in the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. It's cool, though, that the movie leaves enough room for such an interpretation. The idea that it's the diamonds is something I've never heard before, and I think it's cool. I think I heard Tarrantino say once that what's in the briefcase is just whatever you want most but could never have or something. (For some, it could be a Skiff or even a ROTJ Jabba.) Not necessarily a material thing, so maybe it is Marcellus's soul. Or someone else's. Of course, Tarrantino often talks straight out of his behind, so it's anybody's guess.

    And a friend of mine who is studying to be a minister pointed out that the Old Testament quote that Jules uses doesn't even really exist. Ezekiel doesn't have that many chapters. I think that's awesome, it sets the movie apart from the real world and makes Tarrantino's "universe" his own.

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    That is interesting that Jules' favorite biblical verse exists only in the world of Pulp Fiction. Most people tend to think there is gold in some form in the briefcase, presumably because of the golden reflection emitted from within. Though I've never heard the diamonds from Resivour Dogs or the Marsalus' soul theories, I would tend to favor the latter (otherwise "Ringo" would have said, "they're beautiful" rather than "it's beautiful". One might be able to assume that no matter how nefarious the individual, the soul in its raw form is beautiful. I also like the possibility that it is whatever you desire most. I believe the point is that noone who is not in the story truly knows what is in the case. It helps underscore the "pulp fiction" (this is not even remotely real) aspect of the whole film, just like Jules' nonexistant biblical verse and the fact that Maralus and Butch can wander a few blocks from a major crime scene and noone seems to notice where they got off to.
    Finally, it is nice to know at last that one aspect of Pulp Fiction that I had never been sufficiently compelled to explore was, as I suspected, fiction. I always felt that Jules' verse, though seemingly biblical, had a few elements that belied the reality of its non-biblical origins. Thanks for the confirmation.
    One last note, word on the grapevine is that Tarrantino is working on a Resivour Dogs/Pulp Fiction prequel, "The Vega Brothers", and that both actors have already signed on the dotted line. How cool is that?

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    Hey Eternal Padawan, look what I found!

    Hmmm, did he get killed or not?

    Well, I bought the Mr. Pink DVD and the inside jacket flap says
    It should be no surprise that he's the only one to survive the ordeal, though he does not escape justice
    So it depends on how you interpret "ordeal" - Ordeal as in literally getting out of the warehouse or Ordeal as in living through the entire movie and taking the rap . . .

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    I haven't seen this movie but from the commercails I'm guessing it is a great movie.
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    Originally posted by Caesar

    It should be no surprise that he's the only one to survive the ordeal, though he does not escape justice. . .

    That does not mean he "LIVED".....He Lived through the "Ordeal"-the crime and what not,Then after that "Ordeal" He is killed by the cops = Being brought to justice(Death)........maybe?


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