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    The MINI figs you want!

    SO what Mini figs do you want?
    Personally I would have liked yoda to be single molded piece about 2 blocks high. not the standard body with 1/2 pint legs.
    I'd also like to see a Lando, and Queen Amidala maybe in her red throne room gown, and defienatly a Mara Jade, even though she not in the movies, and I've already thrown one together from other loose lego bodies.. but hey.
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    I'm not even going to attach the legs on my Yoda figure, maybe I'll add 2 brown 1x1 square plates as feet, but his legs are going to my Ep 1 Anakin mini-figs.

    As for what I'd like, you have some good choices there, so beyond those, I'd like to see a 3-legged R2-D2 figure with rotating dome, an Admiral Ackbar, an AT-ST pilot, a Greedo, a different Leia (maybe with a cloth skirt a la Lego Jedi robes), a Gamorrean guard, a Jabba, a Bib Fortuna, and... well, a lot of other figures.
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    Daultry Dofine
    Tey How (with Droid Control Ship Bridge Playset, with 4 Pilot BD's)
    Jedi Council Minifig 12 pack (with Council Room Playset.)
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    A solid lego jabba,, or one you can build? They could make a jabbas palace set and that would take care of a lot of wants JT. If they took some creative liberties and threw greedo and leia in the set, along with the gamorren, r2, jabba and some others. That would defienatly be worth the 99.99 price tag it would get slapped with.

    A jedi temple would be cool BD. Then we'd get those council members in block form.
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    Slayer, as for Jabba, if he doesn't look too crappy, I'll build him myself. Technically, ALL lego minifigs are "build it yourself", that's how Lucasfilm got around the exclusive "Action Figures" contract with Hasbro (the minifigs are building toys, not figures )

    I like that idea about the Jabba's Palace playset. (Sorry, I forgot, according to LEGO, every toy they make is a "play set". )
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Differently the Queen and more Leias. But I'd go more of everything. More Stormtroopers, ewoks, any and every alien. I'd love to a lego Jabba too.
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    Padme ep2
    AT-AT driver
    R2-D2(3 legs)
    Skiff Guards
    I cant say them all cause there so much i want
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    Well, the cool thing about Legos, is that since all figures have YELLOW skin (Well, until recently anyway)......there was no race involved.......

    but I still want Lando and Mace, because they're the baddest bruthas in the galaxy!!!
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    Actually the new lego yoda doesn't look that bad while standing by himself. But next to the count he looks ridicously tall. His ears are kinda flimsy also.. odd for lego. Hard plastics and all.
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