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    Question Do you have space for all your stuff?

    Sorry if this have been covered before, but I was wondering what you guys do with all your figures. I used to have a huge bedroom in the basement when I lived at home, but now that I am in an apartment I have nowhere to put all my stuff! I used to have every single one of my figures tacked to my bedroom wall, and it looked DAMN impressive (I keep them all carded, and buy doubles of the ones I want to open). But between POTF2 (which I have all of), Episode I (about 85% of the line) and POTJ (missing about four), I can't decide what to do with all my toys. Right now the majority of them are stacked up in a closet collecting dust, which sucks. Plus, I only have room to display about three or four vehicles. And with the Saga toys out soon it will only get worse. So how do you guys deal with too many figures- too little space?

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    Well, most of my figs are opened, so I am able to cram them onto my shelves. My carded figs are packed away for now, I have no room for those.

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    I'll have to get real creative with my shelf space.

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    i'm running out of room, every time i get something new its a shuffle session, its part of the fun.
    when i move out i'll be screwed.
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    I have enough space since a) I don't have many figs compared to you guys and b) and keep them loose in my dioramas
    but the problem is that I have to put up more shelves for my mcfarlane figs (I keep them loose also)

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    I ran out of space about a year ago. Oh well, alot now has been boxed. About 40 boxes worth.

    I only have the current POTJ figures hanging on my wall, but even they will be boxed up when E2 figures are officially released. A few bits are on my shelves but even they are full.

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    I ran out of space a while ago also. I only collect loose, so I just pack the figures in zip lock bags with their accessories, and store them in a box. I display my newest stuff in the little space I have available.

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    - AT-ST x3; 2 Loose, 1 w/box, 1 MIMB.
    - AT-AT Walker (Electronic) w/AT-AT Driver and AT-AT Commander x1; MIMB.
    - A-Wing Fighter w/Pilot x1; Loose w/box.
    - Boba Fett's Slave I x1; MIMB.
    - Landspeeder x1; Loose w/box.
    - Millennium Falcon (Electronic) x1; Loose w/box.
    - Rebel Snowspeeder (Electronic) x2; 1 Loose w/box, 1 MIMB w/Widevision card.
    - Speeder Bike w/Leia in Endor Gear x1; MIMB.
    - Speeder Bike w/Luke Skywalker in Endor Gear x1; Loose w/box.
    - Speeder Bike w/Scout Trooper x2; 1 Loose w/box, 1 MIMB.
    - Swoop w/Rider (SOTE) x1; MIMB.
    - Tatooine Skiff w/Unique Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker x1; MIMB.
    - TIE-Fighter x4; 2 Loose w/box, 2 loose without.
    - X-Wing Fighter (Electronic, 1st version) x1; Loose w/box.
    - Y-Wing Fighter w/Unique Rebel Alliance Pilot x1; MIMB.

    And these are just my OT vehicles
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    I have two closets worth, plus a whole shed filled with SW stuff. I stopped collecting vehicles because they were the biggest space consumer.
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    I've got no space for my SW stuff, but I find a way. Some stuff like army-builder extras I've got stuffed away in boxes and my POTJ figure I've got hanging on my wall while I find something to do for my carded POTF2/E1 and soon my Saga collection, some loose figures are in mini-dioramas while I make plans to redo my "Collection" room for my shelves and stuff. By the time SW toys stop being made, I'm gonna have to use a broom to hold everything back as I open the door to put the new stuff in.
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