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    What a 'novel' idea...

    We've read all the novels based on the lives and exploits of our heroes Han, Leia, Luke, Lando, etc... All the heroes from the movies...

    I'm starting a project, shrouded in secrecy... but was wondering... suppose an author were to write a novel(s) that followed an imperial point of view... say the protagonist was an imperial soldier rising through the ranks. AND let's say for instance that it takes place between ESB all the way through the end of RotJ...

    The only difference? It would not in any way shape or form follow our heroes of the rebellion. Characters such as Grand Admiral Thrawn would be included, and the story would basically consist of an imperial soldier (refuse to comment on what service he serves in etc...) who is spotted by big Imperial brass and is asked to create a branch of (essentially) some sort of special forces...

    This is all still in the rough, very uncertain... but the main idea remains the same... I'm looking to see if anyone would be INTERESTED in reading a novel(s) that followed an imperial stormtrooper or pilot or something of that nature. I for one think it would be an interesting break from the norm.
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    It sounds like a daring concept, but I wouldn't be interested in following the amazing stories of a stormtrooper. I would see that sort of thing as being like:
    RW-993 stood with the others in his garrison awaiting the ambush of the rebel commando squadron. Three minutes later, the ambush had failed and RW was dead.
    Anyway, it might be interesting to see the point of view of someone who isn't cannon-fodder, but with a stormie, you either have a super-lucky character which doesn't really give you a good indication of the life of a Stormie, or you have a character who dies right away. Neither make for interesting Imperial stories IMO.
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    I've always thought a trilogy from the "IMPERIAL" perspective would be cool. How about following Davin Felth or somebody similar? or following several different Imperial characters like Vader, Tarkin, etc. Or following higher ranked characters like Piett. The "novel" idea would be to convince the reader that the the thoughts and actions of the characters were justified. I.E. the 'rebels" are the villians and what the Empire is doing is noble, keeping anarchy from spreading, keeping order to the galaxy etc...

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    What I'm talking about is a novel or set of novels, be it a duology or trilogy, following SOLELY an Imperial character. And not a well known or big Imperial character such as a Daala or a Tarken or a Vader... I'm talking about a soldier... a soldier very much like Lieutenant Look-Sir-Droids..., only this young soldier fresh out of the academy shows a lot of promise and rises very well through the ranks of the Imperial Armed Forces, be that the stormtrooper divisions, walker divisions, or the Imperial Navy... (I've already got his designated service picked out and I've already begun writing, but for obvious reasons, I really don't want to give too much away on the Internet just in case I DO get this published... it'd be the biggest work I've ever had printed).

    Regardless... it wouldn't be as the above described Captain Cannon Fodder... It would be a soldier who shows promise and rises through the ranks and is noted by big Imperials and asked to create a group that would fall under the Imperial Special Ops category... KINDA (big KINDA) like a Rogue Squadron for Imperials... but not really, I guess that's the closest similiarity I can draw.

    But I see it as a welcome break from the norm of "Oh no, the universe is going to be overrun and conquered!" motif that most authors feel COMPELLED to stick with. And I've found that many people would be interested in reading such a story. But please, keep the feedback coming... I'm very interested in seeing what you people have to say.
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    Notice the minute I say "Keep the feedback coming," everyone shuts up...
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    I hate it when that happens.

    Anyways, I've always thought that in a force supposed to number millions and span thousands of planets; not everybody in it could be a bad person.

    In fact I had an idea similar to yours which never really got anywhere, more my fault than any flaw in the concept. I still have an Imperial Pilot character whose career I'm sort of plotting out, but really have yet to develop it further.

    I would definitely be interested in reading it as long as it's not similar to a friend of mine's Star Wars RPG character who started out as a Stormtrooper then became a Biker Scout, a Snowtrooper, an AT-AT Driver, a TIE Pilot, a Spacetrooper then finally one of the Royal Guards in the Emperor's chamber in ROTJ. Ridiculous!

    BTW, are you a published writer? Anything any of us could read (SW related or not)?
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    How about a character who is sympathetic to the Rebellion, but still believes in the order of the Empire, so you get both sides of the story. He starts out as Stormtrooper who does something outstanding and gets noticed by Vader who recognizes his sympathies towards the Rebellion and orchestrates his risings thru the ranks towards an eventual appointment as a Royal Guard because Vader is plotting to overthrow the Emperor at some point. (Remember he tells Luke he can destroy the Emperor and take his place at Vader's side, so Vader taking over was always a plausible subtext.) Anyway, this lowly troop would interact with all kinds of famous Imperials (Tarkin, Veers, Piett, etc) and eventually get appointed to the second Death Star where, after witnessing Vader kill palpatine and help Luke escape, he either A. perishes along with everybody else or B. Escapes....

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    No, the idea is that he is fully devoted to the Empire and all it stands for, but (as afore mentioned) is not necessarily a bad guy. Let's say he came from a world that the Empire annexed. This young man realizes the (relative) peace that the Empire brought to his war torn star system and wants to become a part of that.

    I'll go ahead and mention it now, cat may as well exit the bag here...

    I'm thinking a pilot. And let's say that he's an incredible pilot to the point that he does get noticed by higher ups (he'd probably have contact with people like Vader and Thrawn and Piett, but wouldn't necessarily be noticed by them initially). Rises in rank and importance and becomes littlerally one of the best fighter pilots in the Galaxy. A Wedge or even a Luke (force abilities ???) for the Empire. I mean, think about it... the rebellion wasn't the only force in the Galaxy to have some pretty bad Special Forces. The Elite of the Empire...

    And as a response to my published works... It's not anything major (nothing SW related)... I've gotten a snippet of a play I wrote... more of a One-Act really... and then some poetry... they weren't published in any really well known books or by big powerful companies, so I doubt you'd be able to go pick any of it off the shelves. If I can dig any up tho, I'd be glad to E-mail you some of it... My e-mail should be provided for you, so drop me a line... I've written poetry involving the break-up of me and my girlfriend... then just cuz I was in a weird mood, I wrote a poem that used fishing as a big metaphore for heroin use. , it was interesting...
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