Okay, first off the 25th Anniversary and upcoming Bespin versions of Vader are nice and all; but they are essentially just more preposed statues, Hasbro.

What I am proposing here is to make one final, ultimate, no holds barred version of Darth Vader. The features should include:

Double cloth capes (stitched around the edges so they don't fray, I'm thinking along the lines of the POTJ Lando cape)

2-piece removable helmet (don't skimp on the details, the E2 preview figures show you can do it) Realscan the actual helmet prop for ultimate accuracy.

removable hand

ball-socket shoulders

metal lightsaber hilt with the cool new E2 blade style (he should also have a magnet in his belt to "clip" his lightsaber onto when not in use; leave the magnets out of his hands please)

at least 12 points of articulation (neck, shoulders, swivelling upper arms, twisting wrists, waist, hips and knees) Maybe make the knees like the Rebel Fleet Trooper, which would have to include swivelling feet too.

a base with a voice chip to include EVERY line he spoke in the film (not as much as it seems), a "breathing" switch that will keep on making the breathing sound until you switch it off, or the batteries die, AND the entire Imperial March theme.

If you guys at Hasbro come up with any other cool features then great, as long as it doesn't include E2 style action features or anything that would compromise the sculpt IN ANY WAY.

Lastly, these are features we should have been getting all along, thus the price of the figure should not exceed $10.

If you make this figure, Hasbro, then you will be completely vindicated in my eyes and I will be able to die a happy man.

I know the title of this thread specifies Vader; but if anyone can come up with Final versions of any other characters feel free to list them here. Or if there is a must-have feature I left off of Vader then let me know.