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    AOTC in Reading, PA!!!!!!

    Hey everybody!!! The K-Mart on Route 222 in Reading, PA (right across the street from Boscov's) has AOTC merchandise on the shelves. Most of it was on pallets, so I took the boxes off and opened them when no one was looking. Slave I and the Jedi Starfighter were already on the shelves and marked. They scanned right through without a problem.

    Slave I - $29.99
    Jedi Starfighter - $22.99
    Dooku/Anakin sabers - $22.99 each
    Deluxe figures - $10.99 each
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    I went thru about 5 or so pallets of toys at K-Mart in Cleveland, Oh. and found all the same merch. you have listed. Did you or anyone else find any basic figures at K-Mart?? Let the hunt begin..HAPPY HUNTING.

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    No, I didn't. That's the strange thing. They had several boxes of sabers and deluxe figures on the pallet. Nothing else that I could see. Either they haven't received the figures yet (maybe b/c of the whole bankrupcy issue) or they're withholding those figures. But withholding them doesn't make much sense, especially since they also put out the Jedi Duels game and those small 100 piece puzzles (and they are SMALL!!!)

    Oh well, I'll just buy the figures along with Slave I and the soundtrack during midnight madness at Wal-Mart. At least I got Dooku's lightsaber. That was the item I've really been after anyway. And Anakin's saber too.
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    why can't central WI KMarts join the act...

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    Last night (4/17), I was back at K-Mart on Route 222, and they have the figures on the shelves and about five cases on the top of the shelves. Most of the figures are the early ones (Anakin, Obi-Wan, Padme, etc.) but some of the cases did have the Geonosian Warrior and Dexter Jettster. Alas, no Count Dooku, Clonetrooper, Taun We, etc.

    They run $6.99 each, and the Obi-Wan and Jango Fett figures I bought do have the background cards in them just in case you're looking for them.

    They also put merchandise on an endcap which includes all 4 deluxe figures, Slave 1, the Jedi Starfighter, and both Anakin and Dooku's lightsabers. Also, they had the 12 inch figures for $19.99 (2 Obi-Wans, 2 Anakins, and 1 Clonetrooper).

    Just as an ironic point, there was a middle-age woman there tearing open the cases with me and really, really excited that K-Mart put them out because her husband was a huge fan and collector. She grabbed a handful of figures and said she was bringing her husband back later. Now, what is the point of this story you may ask...?


    ....she's the STORE MANAGER OF THE WAL-MART IN WHITEHALL, PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How ironic is that?!?!??! Wal-Mart's electronic lock-out is forcing even their STORE MANAGERS to buy figures early at K-MART!!!!!!!!

    And she wasn't lying either b/c she knew one of my old managers from my Wal-Mart days in Wilkes-Barre that transferred down to her store as co-manager. So she really was the manager. Ironic eh?
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