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    Ani's Box

    Is it just me or is Peasant Ani's power-box-thing a pile of junk? The lid has those awful stressed, mould markings and barly stays shut. On the other hand you have to get his left hand and shove it into the groove to get the littel metal handle to slide along to 'force open' the thing. 9 times out of ten it opens regardless of whether Ani's right or left hand is near it, or even if I'm anywhere near it!

    Nice action pose, but coupled with this tat, the manky 70's sabre, and the shroud of Turin it ain't a winner for me.

    I much prefer disco-Obi Wan and his flowing locks. He can achieve a couple of exciting action poses and looks groovy when perched on the nose of the starfighter, as if he's ready to leap into action - ta da!!!!
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    yeah...its kinda out of wack
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    Wow, the Jedi Starfighter is sweet looking, thanks for the pic! I'm going to K-Mart later today, hopefully I'll find some stuff.
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    So far I'm not to impressed with the little features that these toys have. I found the deluxe Mace and the lightsaber is cool but does not "fly" in to his hand. The only way that it works is for you to put the lightsaber into his hand and then you can feel it pull the lightsaber. I like the idea that Hasbro is tring to make the toys better,but I think that most will just want the action figure and not care to much about all these extras. The figure as a whole is very detailed but not worth what I paid for it. I hope it gets better.
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    Yeah, it has some nice, dirty paint deco instead of looking like a shiny piece of plastic.
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    Well the lightsabers look better when they're metal.....
    That's one good thing about the "Force Action" or what ever you call it.........


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