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    Sean the Hutt

    Jedi Star fighter

    Why such a high price? It is kind of cool, but 21.99 for a small ship. It haas no electronics and no pack in figure...wait for a clearance. It is growing on me .but it was way to much!

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    compliments of Wal-Mart
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    I think it's a bit of a high price too, considering LEGO seems to have more expensive product this time around but their Jedi Starfighter was also $20 and seems to be to scale plus it came with Obi-Wan. One of them should've been around $15 and the Hasbro one for $20 should've come with an Obi-Wan. Maybe I'll just pick up an extra Obi-Wan on the 23rd and grab an cheap E1 Soft Goods version off of the net then do a head swap and paint the E1 body to look like E2 Obi for a pilot, he seems to be a good candidate for an Obi-Wan that would fit in the cockpit.
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    It is high for a ship with no extras. Even though I already have one. I had a hard time paying that price but did.Go figure.
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    I agree it is rather steep but I would have been happier if it had a window box like the speeders since I like to display mine in the packaging.
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    LEGO's Jedi Starfighter is way out of scale, it's too large.

    Basically, we're paying $20 for the pop-off wing gimmick which is quite complicated, even though it doesn't entirely succeed.
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    In The Netherlands the Jedi Starfighter will be $35. The Lego version is $25. You guys are lucky. I'd be happy if i could buy one for $20. Yeah, electronics would have been better than that cheap pop-off action (*whips Hasbro employee*) and the midget size, but i guess it's an OK vehicle.

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