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    re: "i ain't really after anything other than sci fi space ships"

    GSJ, I am in no way trying to sour any deals here, but that was the same purist attitude I took when starting my swafollection. It caused me to pass up shelf warmers like Rancors and Sandcrawlers that sat there for a good year at my local Wal Mart. By the time I finally decided the collection would be more meaningful to me it if were complete, I had to start shopping eBay and counting on the kindness of bounty-hunters (well, bounty-hunteR in the case of those two particular SWAFs - thanks again VT!!) I don't pretend to know your intentions or know better what you should be collecting, I'm just saying how it happened with me.


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    OKay, I'm confused. I see in one thread I'm getting a Betty, and don't know who that's for, and now I am opening my carefully-packed packages to swap a predator ship from Baal jr to GSJ, right?

    Sorrry but I'm having a blond day.


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    Lightbulb betty goes in my pkg, predship goes in gsj's

    capeesh? meanwhile, not to give you any further motivation for crastination, but have any of you tried this game yet? man, i'm gettin addicted, & it's all gsj's fault for pointin it out
    forget the obvious cloud-car parallels suggested by the shipshape. the play dynamics are much more like piloting a bwing thru an asteroid field. even when it gets crowded & frantic, it stays smooth & cool, the dance of color & motion on screen's downright breathtaking, poetic; tap 3 a few times (for credits), then 2 a coupla times to select the tethered pod, then 1 to start! a few tips:
    -you're allowed to have six shots on-screen at a time (three per gun), so stick to the closest, densest target clusters to reload as fast as possible. don't fixate too much on any one target ("i lost the breen we were after" "i wouldn't worry about it, there's plenty more to choose from" -nog & sisko, ds9's "what you leave behind" battle )
    -usu. best to steer around or shield-bounce off of, rather than try to destroy the mines (the little crosses), cuz they take seven shots to kill
    -avoid scrolling; try to stay within the center of the screen so as to maintain maximum peripheral visual warning
    -when things start getting crowded, use thrusters only when necessary; shield-bouncing off objects'll give you more than enough motion to deal with. however, firing while angling thrusters & steering to make your ship "twirl" often gives your guns better coverage
    -firing blind often pays off during the bonus rounds w/them fuzzballs & stars
    -every so often one of them ufo's is a sharpshooter- you'll know within one or two of its shots. use shields and/or take him out as fast as possible.
    -also, cuz i originally "trained" on the '82 arcade version, i'm used to sterring w/my left & firing w/my right, so i crisscross my hands when operating the keyboard controls
    so far my high's 106000- i've reached the screen where the asteroids are amber rectangles (after pentagons, cubes, octahedrons & ferris wheels)
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    The AF Drop Ship holds the MM APC very snugly with the turret in "up" position, sometimes so snugly that it gets stuck when you open the drop ship's main bay. However, it's a great effect, so I wish you luck in finding one.
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    Thumbs up no worries there swafster!

    i too have been suckered into the "awwww, i don't really need that, cause i'm really after this" trap before. (case in pernt, virago, which i had originally passed on, and passed on, and passed on........etc), and then one fine day, woke up, smelled the monkey berries , and had to have one. (vt o' course rode in to the rescue):happy: , and now i have one! however, after carefully studying mm's for over a year now (as well as mason's preference's regarding what he plays with), the non-space ship toys, really are not our cappa tea! (which btw, as i am now starting to collect gal voy's, i'm ending up with quite a bit o' non space ship merchandise, which if anyone wants, let me know, so far i only have packs 2 and 6, but the hunt is now on!)

    however, more importantly, somehow, between the constant yapping o' my own voice here on these forums, i've learned how to listen to what others are saying from time to time (see mom? i can be taught! ), and seeing how b'jr loves the mm apc in the af dropper, it would be my pleasure to be able to provide him one (economically to boot, as he doesn't have to wade through all the other contents of the pack jes to get at the apc), and in return, i get a predator space ship (once again economically, as the space ship is all that i really want!).

    my only exception to this, is of course star wars! (landspeeders, at-at's at-st's speeder bikes, etc.)

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    Thanks for clarifying, will repackage when the B arrives.


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    BTW, I've not heard that song for aeons. That and the one that goes "You got ants in your pants, I don't understand, I don't trust a blink of your eye..?" was it called didn't have the nerve to say no?


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    Thumbs up Now my high spaceduel score's 132000. . .

    . . .& i've reached the screen where the asteroids are flashing green snowflakes :happy: unfortunately, i gotta lay off for a while cuz it feels like workin them controls so fast & furious has givin me a touch of "arthuritis" (redd foxx), or maybe that carpet tunnel syndrome

    gsj: "he doesn't have to wade through all the other contents of the pack jes to get at the apc"
    -oh he don't mind wading, he likes that other junk too btw: imo that predship's so lame i never even bothered to get one but like i sez, if you want one for yer apc, no problemo vasquez i Might also be able to get you one each of the #3 galvoys (the coolest 3-pak imo ) but i'll have to check first-
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    Thumbs up one of each of galvoy #3?

    count me in!

    how on earth did i miss this post until now? wadami? a doofus?

    jes tell me what i gotta do, and consider it done!

    i currently only have galvoy sets 2 and 6, and seeing how's hasblow ain't listenin' to us over here regardin' anything new, i got's to collect something
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    Thumbs up gsj: "jes tell me what i gotta do"

    -you already bin doin it, i.e. disclosin & turnin over all your unwanted dupes w/out a moment's hesitation unlike Some peeples we could name, ahem ahem (bc3 Still hasn't addressed my idle curiosity about what xtras he's got; i'd LIKE to ask him who's pictured in his aVaTar, but i'm afraid he'd be tight-lipped about that too )
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