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    Sci-fi minatures

    Does anybody know of any sites other than Agents of Gaming, Sci-fi or Starfleet Battles where you can buy metal/plastic minatures?

    I've just got a Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper kit and I love it ( ) and I wouldn't mind aquiring some more general sci-fi minatures (Dune, Battlestar, SW, ST, anything).

    Any ideas?



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    Comet Miniatures in London produce white metal miniatures of Galactica, Irwin Allen, Gerry Anderson vehicles. or , and I've seen them in Thunderbooks in Blackpool, Lancashire. They're about 1.5 to 3 inches in length.


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    britcit3 Wizards of the Coast has some SW miniatures, in case you're interested. Most are currently out of stock, but there are a couple available. Wizards miniatures
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    Well what a small world!!!!!!

    Eh up,

    Yorkie - my, my, what a small world......

    The Colonial Viper and the Dark Star (that I've just added to my site) were purchased from none other than Thunderbooks in Blackpool !!!!!!!!!

    R2- thanks for the link - some cool stuff on there - will probably buy the 2 Jedi - cheers.

    Muchas Gracias


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    Arrow had no other place to post this, and ala vt, didn't want to start a new thread

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    Smile just received aliens sets 1-3

    wow! these are some of the finest (if not the) micro machines ever produced! the detailing and paint jobs are supberb!:happy: as an added suprise , i wasn't aware that the guns fold out on the drop ship! these are really excellent toys!

    now i definately need to get an action fleet drop ship so's to deliver the mm apc to tough trouble spots that crop up from time to time in jansen land
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    Arrow ahhh, who am i kidding

    actually i'm not about to start collecting a whole different genre of action fleet sci fi's. i'm quite content with my star wars.

    hey vt! i's got's me an idea, since the apc is not a space ship, and that is really what i collect (play with), i noticed on the back of the aliens packing cards, that there is a predator space ship contained in set #3. as i am not after any of the jeeps, trucks, or peoples. how's bout i send b'jr my apc, so's that he can load it into one of his (i'm sure) many drop ships still in need of a mini apc in the cargo hold, and in return, if he happens to have a spare one, you can send me the predator space ship.

    lmk if it werkz fer you guys!
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    I'm sending Baal Jr Via VT that Predators set. If I see it again, I'll pick it up and I'm also pretty sure that Stroop mms* were showing up at TRU the other week.

    I wish I'd bvought more of the A ALIENS stuff last year as there was shisleoads of it then you could've had your APC mm dans le Dropship

    *after BritC


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    are you sure gsj? if so, b'jr'll do that deal :)

    you don't want that syd-mead-designed apc w/retracting gun? if not: jdah, if haven't sent gsj's or my pkg yet, feel free to remove predship from mine & put it in gsj's. otherwise, we'll send gsj b'jr's present predship
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    yep! deals done!

    i'll forward apc in upcoming shipment! i know how b'jr loves the apc in a action fleet drop, and i ain't really after anything other than sci fi space ships, so's cool by me!
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