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    I don't want to be sarcastic, but most of the Star Wars figures released nowadays are obscure.
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    The ones from the original trilogy may be obscure to new fans but for most of us we've had 25 years to get to know just who is who. The cantina creatures are not obscure really. The podracers were seen for a tiny moment or two and only then in the DVD cut scenes. They are obscure in that if you asked an average fan to point at a random pod pilot and name them they wouldn't be able to. Save for gasgano, Sebulba, Ben Quadinaros, Ody mandrell and Anakin. Teemto is a bit obscure too but he has a cute appeal which makes him marketable in a kids oriented year. When he hits in July the kids will still be reeling and hyped from the movie and he fits their demographic perfectly. The others are too weird to sell well from a marketing strategy POV.
    Another Anakin would sell well this year but only if packed with something cool like another pod pilot. The pilot with the next highest profile is ben Quadinaros who featured quite prominently in the actual movie of TPM. He also has the cute appeal factor which sell well to kids as I have previously mentioned.

    Point is, Hasbro won't put a lot of effort into making new vehicles with a new movie out and afterwards when they can think about the other vehicles a bit more they wouldn't consider making any more than two tops. It's not commercially viable to make thousands of essentially the same vehicle with slight differences. There's only so much they can do. It's more likely they would make landspeeders or swoop bikes, fighter craft or villain ships. Signature vehicles of recognisable characters. not some pod racer from the background that nobody saw in the movie.

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    I to would like a few more pods made. I don't think it all 18 need to be made but if they did I would buy them. I don't know where I would put them,maybe move some furniture out?
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    Good idea!!!

    *throws out his bed and the can*

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    Since new loose pictures are showing up of Teemto Pagalies, and causing quite a bit of excitment in the Saga forum. I decided that now would be a good time to knock this back up to the top to discuss getting more pod racer aliens.

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    I was quite peevish with that last post but it does make sense.
    I'm not against new pod pilots. I'd quite like to see ben Quadinaros and Ratts Tyerell in a two pack. Mars Gou and Dud bolt together. Ark Bumpy Roose and Mawhonic, Anakin (with removable helmet and dirty face) and Aldar Beedo, Kitster and Wald. What? They aren't pod pilots? Oh, i just thought that they might count as pod mechanics for Anakin....... (worth a try)

    All pod pilots could pack with power packs and tools and engine performance test screens. Obviously removable helmets and goggle all round.
    The accessory packs that were so short lived from the episode one line could be re-utilised as accessories for pod pilots 2-packs, so everyone has a chance of getting those cool bits and pieces.
    I don't see a need for all the pod pilots but definately some more.
    And if there's to be new racer pods then please let it be Teemto's because the donut shaped cockpit is so cool! Sorry, I'm totally biased towards Teemto right now after seeing properly how they did him.

    YAY! Bring on the pod pilot 2-packs!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    At $25, the pods were never a great sell, but pilots can be put in just about any scene you want.

    my picks:

    * Ratts Tyerell with Podrace Balloon
    * Mars Guo with Podrace Cam Droid
    * Aldar Beedo with Power Droid
    * Mawhonic with electronic Starting Light and Lap Indicators
    * Boles Roor with Jawa
    * Dud Bolt and Neva Kee
    * Wan Sandage with Pit Droid and power source
    * Ark "Bumpy" Roose and R5-X2
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    Decided to give this another kick to the top, seeing how the Pod Race poll is doing. I still think Hasbro should do two 2-packs of Pod Pilots a year. Just pair them up in larger and smaller sets, and release them. We still need a decent Anakin Skywalker: Pod Racer also.

    Still silly that after all the lil kiddie Ani's that we got, we never got one with a removable race helmet. Do a screen scene from the Pod Race, that way you can take care of some often requested figures. C-3PO: Pod Race Flag Bearer, Anakin Skywalker: Pod Race Pilot, Kitster, and Wald.

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