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    Pod Racers: Another Plea!!

    I know there have been a few threads about pod racers, and how we all want more. But the fact we are getting Teemto later this year, made me look at my list again. And there is a serious lack of pod racer pilot figures. So far since 1999 we have only gotten 3 of the 18 racers. Teemto will be the 4th, since I refuse to even count the Anakin that comes with his racer as number 4, as it was a horrible figure.

    The POTJ Anakin really should have included his pod race helmet. Atleast then the figure would have had some redeeming qualities. Come on Hasbro, start doing 2-packs since the bubbles have so much extra room. Just pack a small charecter in with a larger charecter. Here is the charecters that still need to be made:

    Pod Race Pilots:
    Aldar Beedo
    Anakin Skywalker
    Ark "Bumpy" Roose
    Ben Quadinaros
    Boles Roor
    Clegg Holdfast
    Dud Bolt
    Ebe Endocott
    Elan Mak
    Mars Guo
    Neva Kee
    Ratts Tyerell
    Wan Sandage

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    It would be nice if they made packs of a Podpilot with a Pit- or similar droid and chucked in a toolbox with some accessories, like the ones seen in the Asian 2-packs. I'd also like to see 2 more podracers w/pilot pack-ins. A set with Ben Quadinaros and his speeder w/electronic sounds would be nice.

    PS: i thought Sebulba sucked and i really loved that Anni figure. The likeness is dead-on IMO.

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    More missed opportunities in my opinion. Hasbro could've and still can stand to make lots of money on these guys. Especially if were given each of their pods as well.

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    I'd like to see all the Pod Race Pilots made as well. I'd really like it if they started packing them in with their actual Pod Racers. I mean, how are you supposed to have a pod race with only two podracers. It is kind of lame. Release all the pods and the pilots please Hasbro.
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    The chances of Hasbro releasing all the pods are zip to zilch. I would like more Pods though, at least pods for Ody and Gasgano. Of course I'd like Hasbro to release a bunch of new vehicles. But I would like a few more Pods and racers. Maybe a Pod 2-pack.
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    I agree that you don't need ALL 18 pods. But a few of the more stand out vehicles, like Mawhonic's green engined jobby, and Teemto's donut shaped cockpit, and BenQuad's four engined ship and pods for Gasgano and Ody, would make pod fanatics happy for a good long while.
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    I think a few would be cool, but not all have to be made. There are so many cool characters n the Star Wars Universe that should be made first.
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    Heck, Ben Quad could be a deluxe figure with the little fella, his cockpit, and a working parachute.
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    Hasbro could release 2-4 Podracers each year. For starters i would like to see these (each comes w/electronics & 2 Pit Droids w/tools)

    - Ben Quadinaros w/Pod.
    - Teemto Pagalies w/Pod.
    - Gasgano w/Pod.
    - Ody Mandrell w/Pod.

    Retail price: $24.99 each.

    Also, they should be scaled down to match the other two that are already out. If they made them to scale now it would look ridiculous.

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    Not really feasible to release the pods but the pilots could be made. Not all of them because god alone knows it's taken them long enough to get round to making a couple more ewoks. Ben Quadinaros is a likely candidate and Anakin with pod helmet.
    Those two would probably make it to a 2-pack but the others are far too obscure.


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