I know there have been a few threads about pod racers, and how we all want more. But the fact we are getting Teemto later this year, made me look at my list again. And there is a serious lack of pod racer pilot figures. So far since 1999 we have only gotten 3 of the 18 racers. Teemto will be the 4th, since I refuse to even count the Anakin that comes with his racer as number 4, as it was a horrible figure.

The POTJ Anakin really should have included his pod race helmet. Atleast then the figure would have had some redeeming qualities. Come on Hasbro, start doing 2-packs since the bubbles have so much extra room. Just pack a small charecter in with a larger charecter. Here is the charecters that still need to be made:

Pod Race Pilots:
Aldar Beedo
Anakin Skywalker
Ark "Bumpy" Roose
Ben Quadinaros
Boles Roor
Clegg Holdfast
Dud Bolt
Ebe Endocott
Elan Mak
Mars Guo
Neva Kee
Ratts Tyerell
Wan Sandage


Jar Jar Binks