I've tried almost everywhere else (including Hasbro) with no luck, but I may as well try here too.

Does anyone know why Hasbro packs the cases so strangely??

Surely, rather than the current arrangement (ie. 3 x figure #1, 1 x figure #2, 2 x figure #3, etc.), it would be much better and easier to have cases containing either complete "sets" (ie. 3 x figure #1, 3 x figure #2, 3 x figure #3, etc.) or even cases of only one figure (ie. case #1 = 10 x figure #1, case #2 = 10 x figure #2, etc.).

This current WEIRD case packing causes problems for the collectors with some figures being near impossible to find, and problems for the shop owners with multiples of the easy to find figures clogging up the shelves.

No doubt it would also make the packing process at Hasbro much easier too.