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    Official Hasbro Checklist

    The Hasbro site has just been updated with newer features. One of which is the checklist of AOTC figures.

    Official Hasbro Checklist
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    Unfortunately no idea of knowing WHEN those figures are coming out.

    It would be sweet it the Luke/Vader Bespin figures came out next week as well....

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    By the way they say "more to come 2002" it makes it sound like all 30 of those figures are coming out day one. Wouldn't that be awesome??? I'd love to get the 2 Bespin Duel figs next week. But it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me on why they would release figs from the other movies the day they release AOTC figs. Maybe it's just me????

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    Well they might be out onthe 23rd considering the link for the checklist is on the Episode 2 Count Down Page, but i don't think they will be out on the 23rd.

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    I just went on the site and compared the check list to their lastest products list, which contains pictures of the preview 4 and the Boshek wave. The last six figures on the list (Taun We, Luminara, Dooku, Mace, Vader, Luke) are not listed on their web site. If you even put in their names on the search engine or search by movie, etc. they won't pop up.

    Some W-M employees like Jedi Rainman say they've seen the four AOTC figures of the 6 I just mentioned in the stockroom. Others have said on SSG that they weren't supposed to be released, but that Hasbro may have realized that it would be stupid not to release the bad guy and sent some stock out.

    If they don't arrive on the 23rd, oh well, they'll eventually show up. I just hope we don't see a bunch of Dooku hoarding like there was with Maul in 99.
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    I just hope we don't see a bunch of Dooku hoarding like there was with Maul in 99.
    Heh, the word out there in the scalper community is that their main objectives this time around will be Count Dooku, Kit Fisto and The Red Clone Trooper. I just hope that tuesday morning when I got to TRU or Walmart(no Midnight Madness where I live ) I can get my figures without any problems or shortages, and before the scalpers hit stores.
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