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Thread: The final waves

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    The final waves

    Well, let's here it! Who has 'em? Who dosen't? And any stories you may have about the elusive EP1 figs.

    I am currently missing the following MOMC EP1 figures:

    Darth Sidious (Holograph)
    Naboo Royal Guard
    Pit Droid 2-pack
    Queen (Naboo Battle Gear)
    Sio Bibble

    Now for the kicker.

    I HAD all 5 of these MOMC!

    So what happened SK? How is it possible that you had 'em and now you don't?

    Well, I'm glad you asked!

    Back in April 2000, my wife and I were at a comic store and I found these guys just sitting on the pegs. The price was around $10.00 each. So I turned to my wife and told her how hard they had been to find. She then bought them for me as an early birthday present.

    A year later we moved to a new place. I went on a trip to South Korea for a few weeks just after we moved. I had put all of my SW figures in the spare bedroom, and closed the curtains to keep out the light and the heat.

    Two weeks later I returned home to find all the curtains open in the spare bedroom and my HTF figures SUN BLEACHED sitting in an OVEN of a room.

    She had been snooping through the room and opened the curtains to let in some light. She then left the room and closed the door and forgot all about it.
    The cards were ruined! I opened them up and traded them, loose, for some other stuff I had been looking for.
    So now I continue to hold out hope that TRU will eventually get some cases of these figs at the clearance price of $1.97 each. I just have too much heart-burn paying $20.00 for a SW figure.

    Hey, I held out for Swimming Jar-Jar, and foud him for $1.97 (I still got ripped off)!

    So what's your story? Are you one of the many, still searching for these guys at rertail? Or did you pay over-inflated prices? Or were you lucky enought to find these at the store years ago?
    May the force be with you.

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    What's a GIRL?? Congrats if you just had a bundle delivered!!

    I am still looking for all of those very same figures.

    Naboo Royal Guard
    Pit Droid 2-pack
    Queen (Naboo Battle Gear)
    Sio Bibble

    also TC-14 and R2-B1.

    Each day my hope of walking into TRU and finding cases of these in the clearance bins shrinks. I was fairly optimistic a year or two ago, but now that EII is upon us, I think my window of oppurtunity is gone.

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    I actually got Sidious Holograph and Naboo ROyal Guard from the Fan Club. I paid a friend $10 to get his ONLY Amidala Battle and I never, ever came close to getting Sio Bibble or Pit Droids. Which sucks!

    Unfortunatly, I dought these will show at TRU. But then again, I never thought I could get an AT-AT for $10, so miracles do happen.
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    Ah, to all of you naysayers I say...remember the Freeze Frames!

    I remember clearly late summer '99! EP1 stuff was STILL warming pegs when all of the sudden.....BAM....TRU and a few others got MASS shipments of the R2-D2, C-3PO, Mon Mothma, and more. Not to mention all of the GC with and without Holo that hit KB Toys.

    Last year at this time I found the Swimming Jar-Jar wave as well as TC-14!!! JANUARY LAST YEAR FOLKS!!! A full 2 plus YEARS after it's initial release.

    These things ARE still out there. TRU is sitting on old cases, I know it!!!

    They are holding back 'til EP2 starts to fade, then they will pull out the big guns! I wouldn't be at all suprised to find EP1 and POTJ figs warming pegs with EP2 by the end of this summer!

    BTW, I have indeed been blessed with a beautiful daughter.
    May the force be with you.

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    Got all of them at Big K the first time they showed up in retail. Never found any of them in TRU or KB. Oh yeah, one set is opened and the other is MOMC.

    I still need more loose NRGs for my dioramas.
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    Originally posted by ACPin
    I still need more loose NRGs for my dioramas.
    Boo. Hoo. So sad to hear you need MORE of them. While we have NONE? Let us eat cake? I'm kidding, AC. Sorta.

    I also "need"
    Naboo Royal Guard
    Pit Droid 2-pack
    Queen (Naboo Battle Gear)
    Sio Bibble
    Plus, the "imaginary" Qui-Gon W/ Eopie

    I lucked out on Holo Sidious (traded him for an EU Luke to a friend who had a couple HS), and got the two droids from someone here at SSG (brain freeze, forget who). Have never seen the four above at retail, but several times at $20+. I'm patiently waiting a better price.
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    I got lucky at Toys R Us and found 2 ea of TC-14 and R2-B1 for 1.97ea, but that was the first and last time that ever happened. For the others that were hard to find like Sio, Pits, Guard and holo Sid I bought European/German cards and peeled the huge stickers off the back and front, what do you know? they are USA cards front and back in perfect conditon. If any of you guys have these Euro cards, just peel the stickers off slowly and you wont take up the graphics and you will save a bundle.
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    I never saw anything past Adi Gallia until recently, at the northern TRU. They got a shipment of Panaka/Security. The southern TRU was all cleared out of Wattos and R2s and Nutes...then they got about 20 more pegs worth of the same, with only a limited shipment of Rune/Yoda/3PO and Tarpals/OOM/Ki/Mace.

    But I'm also very stupid when it comes to collecting. I found a .01 Theed Invasion Amidala, and a few FF Leia Hoth, and I didn't get any of them. They, of course, left the pegs soon after.

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    The only waves I ever see are the first few, I can't even find Sidious, let alone Holo Sidious!
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    well looks like I'm being lucky cause here in my toys'r'us (in France) they have the pit=droids 2-Pack, Sio Bibble, Naboo Royal Guard for 5 euros ( about 4$) at the moment !
    I bought 3 Royal Guards and a Pit Droid
    I'm not a completist and put all my figs in dioramas so I didn't care for Sio Bibble - they stil have a lot of Guards, Droids and Bible's pegwarming here so if I feel to buy another I'll just do it


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