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    people who don't have large budgets...what are you gonna pick up???

    i was just thinking about how i will not be able to afford everything i want in one shot so i was just browsing to see what i should try to get first. i was thinking i should try to get the figures that are packed only 1 to a case but then i decided to just get the figs i like the most and wait for a while with nearly everything else.

    i'm gonna go for the following first.
    Dexter Jettster
    The red clone trooper
    Royal guard
    Taun we
    Yoda(of course!)

    hopefully we'll see something similar to epsiode I, where the toys are simply everywhere and everyone can get everything they want without having to go pay some guy who bought em all up to make money.
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    I think I'll go for army builders and Jedis to start with.

    There are a few things in the first waves that I don't want, but I want most everything afterwards. Unfortunately, I don't know what exactly to expect to be out on the 23rd, so I'll play it by ear.
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    What figures are packed 1 per case?!?!? Could somebody tell me please?


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    I've got a pretty good plan going.

    I'm planning on getting everthing at midnight at my local walmart. It should be way less crowded than going to another nearby city for toys r us. Plus the prices will be better. Anyway i've got a budget of around $90 bucks. Here's what i'm gonna get

    . Obiwan-Coruscant Chase
    . Clone Trooper (red)
    . Super Battledroid
    . Jango Fett-Kamino Escape
    . Nikto Jedi
    . Plo Koon
    . Mace Windu Deluxe-w/Battledroid

    .Reek (beast)
    .Slave 1

    I think i'll get a pretty good amount of cool figures that way. I'm being way more thoughtful on my first figure spree choices for this movie. I'm not a completeist, I only want the figures that i'll actually want to display or play with. So I think sticking with Jedi, Droids and cool core characters is a good starter.
    I'm not sure if Anakin Saber Duel is coming out on the 23rd. I've heard many varying reports on this. So if in fact he does come out, I think i'll get him in place of Plo Koon. (I'm waiting never the less for an action oriented Anakin figure, i'll wait for the other Anakin when it's in the bargain bin.)

    Happy toy spree'ing everyone

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    I have about 50 dollars to work with on the 23rd so I'll be picking up the

    Slave I
    Nikto Jedi
    Jango Fett

    Those are my "for sures"..It depends on what I really like and if the figures are acceptable
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    I...I..really don't know.
    Depends on what's released on the 23rd, because with all these lists, who knows?
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    Think what I'll do is just hit layaway, that way I have an endless budget!!

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    Well, seeing that I only got a little money here and there, I just buy a few figures every so often then on the 23rd, get the rest of what I need and put it on layaway.
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    I'm going in with an extremely limited budget; but am hoping to find:

    Anakin Hangar

    If Hangar Ani, Yoda and Dooku aren't out yet then I will get Padme, Anakin's speeder and maybe one of the beasts. Although I also have to have enough money to buy the soundtrack and Dooku's saber for my brother.
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    Dang, forgot about the 12" figures! If I can find the Anakin 12" figure then I will have to rethink my entire strategy.
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