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    What's your favorite figure in the line?

    So far, I've not gotten a chance to collect a lot of these....

    but, from the ones I managed to collect, my favorites are:

    Mon Calamari Trooper

    Gungan Warrior


    I'm sure there's some better ones, but I haven't gotten my hands on any of the Amidala variants, Plo Koon, or Saesee Tiin.........

    I still also want K-3P0, Imperial Officer, and Ellors Madak (I want two of them, so I can customize one into Lott Dodd (The Duros and the Neimoidians look remarkably similar)
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    Best POTJ figure IMHO:

    Darth Vader (Dagobah Spirit)
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    wow , just one ? .... hmmmm...... tough choice , there are sooo many great ones ... how about ... i'll go with one early release .... boss nass .... the detail and likeness are top notch and .... one current release .... queen amidala , royal decoy ,.... again, the detail and likeness are superb.

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    Security Battle Droid

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    My favorite ones seem to be the droids, R2-Q5, FX-7 K3P0. Oh and of course the Tusken Raoder (sorry, he was one of the worst pegwarmers. I'm just paying some homage to my avatar)
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    I thought this was the worst line of all, except for the last 9 figures. Their sculpts are all pretty good, so it's hard for me to pick one. I would probably say BoShek if I had him. The removable helmet and holster w/pistol are killer. I hope his articulation is good.
    Of the ones I have, I pick Rebel Trooper and Imperial Officer.
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    FX-7 is easily my favorite from this line. The detail is astonishing, and I love the fact that he can find his way into the Bacta Luke playset. For a stationary droid, he sure has a lot of play value.

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    300th Boba Fett, both in the package and loose.
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    best POTJ:


    although I still want Vader dagobah

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    I've just managed to complete my collection of the POTJ figs.

    Well the best, I think would have to be ...... Bo Shek.

    What can I say. Very well sculpted, perfect detail and NOT in one of those pre-posed positions. I HATE THOSE.

    A very good likeness to a character only seen briefly in the cantina.

    Closely followed by FX-7. Also great likeness and amazing articulation.
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