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    Cool A SirSteve's Convention

    I think it would really cool to have a SirSteve's Convention . I think it would cool to meet some of these people . What do you guys think ?
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    Interesting but what types of things would there be to do there. Video games, contests, props, special guests?

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    well, i could give jargo a big bear hug and then switch around the hug into a head lock and drag him off for a natalie portman film marathon.we'd start with her earlier works and work our way towards episode 2.

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    If as many people attended as they replied to this thread, it wouldn't go over well.

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    Such an event would be a great idea to help foster a sense of community in the realm of collecting. Something that has been lacking in the scalper-driven arena of collecting. I do a spot of selling myself at local toy shows and (rarely) at local flea markets. In fact, that's rather how I met Sith Worm as he used to be an occassional customer of mine. He can attest to the fact that I try to be different than most of the "scalper" dealers and usually only sell what I could get at a cheap enough price to sell at a fair and reasonable price to collectors (rather than buying tons of stuff up and asking "book" price for everything). Sith Worm has become a fixture at the toy show tables run by Mrs. JediCole and myself and we love the sense of community that has begun to develop with the regulars at the Sci-Fi Expo and Toy Show. It would be nice to have an event geared toward collectors for the sake of collectors.
    One event that does spring to mind would be to have a custom figure contest with categories of small (3.75"-8"), large (10"-16"), dioramas, and perhaps even custom cards/packages. If sponsorship from Hasbro and other toy companies could be secured that would make such a thing possible. Who knows?
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    Well, other than ticket sales, the money would come from dealers (to pay for renting out the facility, promotion, etc). Not much you can do about that. Alpha Con tried to have a handful of dealers and a lot of celebrities. Needless to say, there is no Alpha Con 2002.
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    Thumbs up

    Count me in!! I back up the idea of the SSG con.!!

    There are lots of ppl that have contacts here (i think) and would be like a regular convention, but full of ppl from the SSG community.
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    I would go! Where would it be? Would Steve be there? then we could find out how old he is...tee hee. Truth be told, i don't come to the conventions section often because I don't go to many conventions. I'm gearing up for my first one in May of next year...Celebration II!!!! When there is mor information on that onem then I will post in here more often!

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    Maybe Sir Steve will have some sort of thing going on at the next Star Wars Celebration.

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    For those of us here who can make it to the SW Celebration, and I sincerelly hope I can, we should devise a way for SSG members to recognize each other.
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