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    big barada,

    so, does jango get his head cut off? or does mace just slash him in the torso area and the result is his helmet popping off when he hits the ground?

    i guess the spoilers we've been reading for a while now are true, since this is official, not just some possibly fake leaked script?

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    I picked up the GN as well. It didn't spoil the movie for me either. In fact, I can't wait to read the Hardcover and see the movie. Also, after reading it, i sighed cuz now its 3 years to EPIII. dang.

    As for the ending battles.
    1) There is the arena battle with all the Jedi's.
    2) The clone ships arrive with the troopers to help clear out all the battle droids.
    3) Dooku escapes and is chased by Anakin and Obi Wan and lightsaber battle ends there. Actually, Anakin and Obi Wan take on Dooku at separate times not like with Obi Wan and Qui Gon's fight with Maul where they attack together.

    The Ki-Adi scene is not shown in the comic so who knows. Also not in the comic is the scene with Anakin and Palpatine where he says "You don't need guidence Anakin, I see you becoming the greatest of all Jedi". So I want to know where that fits in.

    And in case you were wondering, the token line throughout all SW movies "I have a bad feeling about this." is said by Anakin when he is chained up in the arena. Guess George forgot to mention the other part that is consistant thru all the movies besides the droids.

    Jango gets his head lopped off by Mace.
    "And I thought they smelled bad on the outside." - Han Solo, ESB

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    Yep, Jango gets beheaded. The comic also stays very vague as to exactly how much of Anakin's arm is cut off. When Dooku cuts him it appears to be mid-forearm below the elbow; however when we see Anakin holding his arm it looks to be cut off above the elbow. Finally, during the wedding scene, we only see his mechanical hand. I guess GL wasn't sure yet how much got cut off while this book was being written.

    As rdrnr89 noted, the Anakin/Palpatine scene is missing, as is the part on Coruscant were they fly through the energy coupling. Also I counted a total of 15 outfits for Amidala, 17 if you count the variations on her "peasant disguise" and "battle arena" outfits. The only one missing, that we saw in the trailers, is the all blue, turtleneck one she appears to be wearing on Coruscant.
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    This picture will show Anakin's wounds (and Obi-Wan's) from the movie. This is a spoiler thread, so....

    Meanwhile, Jan Duursema did an awesome, awesome job!

    I didn't notice Ki Adi Mundi in the Arena Battle, but I will go back and check. I also thought he led a small "Jedi Commando" attack on board one of the Trade Federation ships because they supposedly thought they could shut the droids down from there but were wrong and barely get out alive.

    I think that's a cool idea, as long as it doesn't focus too much on that - three scenes: the boarding, the failure to deactivate the droids, and then most of the Jedi getting killed for the attempt, with Ki-Adi Mundi escaping. He lives, so he could have barely gotten down there and off that ship with his life, only to wind up in the middle of the Arena Battle. ???

    But you're right about the ending getting very busy.

    You have Fett vs. Mace Windu, Anakin and Obi-Wan to follow during the Arena Battle, Padme's adventure, the Droids, etc. Dooku escaping and so on.

    The lightsaber duel will happen after all of this, so it will not be interrupted the way the Qui-Gon / Obi-Wan / Maul one was. A different style, with the Jedi taking turns at going in on Dooku, because mostly of Anakin, who can't restrain himself and follow his master's lead. (idiot. but he still doesn't learn anything!)

    Meanwhile, as to Anakin's reward for his insolence... maybe he just didn't have time to have skin applied to his prosthetic, or he wanted to have a shotgun wedding before he got caught up in an extensive medical proceedure (to grow new flesh, etc). I think the technology is up to the times in medacine - Luke's hand wasn't so advanced, especially the way the Empire would stifen research and development under their command economy. Perhaps it was just that the Jedi were humble and could not afford such proceedures, so Anakin was marrying 'a rich girl.' (joking because the Naberries are not rich). I think the time-table explanation is the best one, but meanwhile I thought it would have been cool if there'd been a scene where he put a black glove over the artifical hand! That would have been gosh-darn eerie!

    Anyway, here's the pic!


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