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    Question anyone read "rogue planet"?

    i'm to the 3rd chapter and it's pretty good so far! does it have alot of action and lightsaber stuff? i don't mind spoilers, but try to limit them...Thanx in advance...
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    "Rogue Planet" is a great book.

    If you are worried about spoilers for AOTC, there is no need to worry! There is too big of a time difference.

    However, if you are reading the NJO series, then you may be pleasantly suprised.
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    Overall it was a pretty weak read, but that was before I had started reading NJO so I might go back for a second read thru. I thought the most intriguing part was the use of Sienar and Tarkin as characters. Though I don't know how the "plans" they are talking about fit into continuity now.

    I'm also wondering where it fits into the new JEDI QUEST series continuity.
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    I rather enjoyed the book. Then again, I like all the books related to SW.

    As for Jedi Quest: The Way of the Apprentice's placement in the timeline, it occurs 1 year after Rogue Planet. Jedi Quest #2 is also in the same year. I found this in the free SW magazine you get when you make a SW purchase at Barne's and Noble.

    There is one glaring problem. The original Jedi Quest hardback/trade paperback does not appear in the timeline. I assume it falls in the year after Rogue Planet, also. My reasoning, Anakin builds his first lightsaber during Jedi Quest. He already has a lightsaber in The Way of the Apprentice. I could be reading between the lines, though.
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    Rogue Planet was so-so, the unfortunate rating many of the stand-alone EU Star Wars books have been lately. Too many holes in the storyline, awaiting AOTC and E3 make all the stories "tip-toeing." Can't mess anything up, or contradict the upcoming movie plots. Boring...
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