Just picked this up at Hastings (similar to a Barnes & Noble) today and read through it. What an awesome story! Very concise and wastes little time in unecessary scenes. The dialog is definitely not as sappy as many have claimed at least from what made it into the comic.

The writer (or should I say adapter) states that there are maybe three scenes in the comic which are cut from the final version of the film. I'm sure I've identified one, I have a idea about another; but have no clue about the third.

1.) Obi-Wan's visit to the Analysis Room in the Jedi Temple, where two robots study the Kyberdart and can't identify it.

2.) I think it is a scene that takes place on Naboo just after Anakin delivers the line, "No, I'd be much to scared to tease a Senator." He then jumps on some giant 'turnip with legs' animal and gets bucked off like a rodeo rider.

3.) ????? no clue about this one, maybe the writer was using outdated information and all the other scenes survived.

I assume that any scene which is in the trailers can safely be considered to be in the movie.

So, anybody else spoil the movie for themselves and read the comic? No? Just me?

The only big surprise, was the lack of any "I am your father" level revelations; but who knows that could have been deliberately cut from the comic adaption. Nonetheless, still a great story! Can't wait till May 16th to see this onscreen.