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    Cool Target report for Cincinnati

    Haven't seen anyone from Cincinnati post here, put if anyone's reading...

    Went to Beechmont Target the other day in Cincinnati and found one B-Wing. Resisted temptation to buy it as it is over-priced and I have limited space. Returned yesterday to find five sitting there and snatched one. So happy I did. It is so cool. Would it really have killed Hasbro to put a red-suited, human pilot in with it, though? Still. it's one of the coolest ships released in the new (1995- ) line.

    Also, saw some CG's and K-3PO's ,as well as a Sabe, a Duro, and a Ketwol. Could the last three be remains of the Shmi wave?

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    Possibly it could be(the remains). I found an obi wan jedi knight at the glenway target. Soooo, at least we know they are starting to hit the tri state anyway. Now if I only could have found a shmi!!! By the way, check out colerain tru..they had tie interceptors as of yesterday!

    Nice to find there is a another cincinnati-ite here!

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    If anyone in Cincy needs a Coruscant Guard, Dirty Scout, Boomer Droid, SA Maul, or Boss Nass go to Kmart at Beechmont Mall. There were at least one of each of these there today. They have been just sitting there for about ten days. That Boss Nass has been there for about four months.

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    Heya Obi Dan, what POTJ are you looking for? I am constantly in and out of all the tri state Target/WalMart/TRU's/Kmart in addition to Cincy Sci Fi and The earth mall. Let me know what you are looking for, and I will keep an eye out for you.

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    Right now, just the Sandtrooper and the new waves (Shmi and Vader). I suppose I'm caught up besides those. I haven't been venturing much beyond my closest stores, so I would love to have another pair of eyes out there. Let me know if there's anything you need. I'm not too keen on paying over retail if I can help it, though. I do love going to the Earth just to look around. There's always lots of cool old stuff to look at as well as stuff I've never seen before.

    In related news, I saw the Palm Talkers at both Eastgate TRU and Meijer. They're cute, but I'll save my money for the deluxe figures.

    Anybody else from Cincinnati, home of Kenner, out there? I mean come on, only two lonely Star Wars collectors out there that read this site? Who's snatching up all those figures at the local stores?
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    Run obi dan, Run!

    There were 3 shmi skywalkers and 3 new obi wan jedi's at the target on glenway!!!

    If you cant get out there, let me know asap and I will go snag one for ya if you want one(or the new pair as the case may be).

    You can drop me an email at

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    Hey, Oilboy, I didn't see your post until late last night and I wanted to check my local Target first. Nada. Sorry I didn't get a chance to email you a second time. The B-wings had a small coat of dust on them at Target.

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    No problem. My email isnt working anyway;it freezes up everytime I open it. If you like, I will go ahead and pick you up one of each if I see them again.

    Also, if you see the new wave(han, vader, luke) and you have the financial capabilities, pick them up for me and I will pay you back same day with cash.

    I picked up the rest of the palm talkers I didn't have today. They do look weird..but there is just something about them that made me get them!

    And last but not least, we have another cincinnati-ite that is keeping tabs on this thread. He is having problems posting, but he says that he appreciates the information we are providing! Maybe we should keep this thread going as our official tri-state thread.

    Take it easy!


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