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    Comment about Troop Builder Set

    I saw pics of the upcoming Troop Builder set and i am very concerned. Why are you, Hasbro, including 2 of those wacky and rubbery rifles in the set an ONLY 2 Imperial Issue (Stormtrooper) Blasters? The rifles weren't even carried by them. Only Luke is seen with one and he only had it for like 5 minutes. So why don't you guys include FOUR of the regular blasters? I'm very sure everyone would be much happier with it then. Also, it would be great if you guys added some articulation in the arms and the legs and fixed the hip problem which causes the legs to move inward when the kneejoints are used.

    I'd be happy to pay an extra $1 if you guys did this. And while you're at it, make a new to scale Mouse Droid ($2 if you did that as well).

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    By the way, how much will this set cost?
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    I have no clue.
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    Any word on when it will be released? Also the set definately needs better articulation. The comm Tech stormtrooper had decent articulation and the blaster effect was kinda cool. Definately the standard blaster rifle is better. Also it would be interesting to see a concept Stormtrooper with a lightsaber and force shield.
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    I don't even know if these have been confirmed yet. Just heresay and rumors at this point. The CT Stormtrooper is nice, but they don't even have wrist articulation, which totally makes the figure worthless since he can't even hold a gun with 2 hands.
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    They have been confirmed, Rebelscum even posted a picture of the mailer box and the four figures in baggies a month or two ago. Planet Action Figure is even preselling the set, but I suggest waiting for the fan clube to have it, since they seem to be marking it up alot more then they normally do for exclusives.

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    It's an exclusive, that I won't be able to get!

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    You're not alone man, you Americans don't realise how good you have it, do you?
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    Yup, Darth Evil is right! With all the sales and stuff you shoulden't complain that much.

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    It's enough that there's going to be a re-release of them at all. you could take the other choice and not have any. Or you could take this current choice and get four at one go. There's supposed to be a scout trooper with accessories and death star trooper with accessories packs coming later this year and hopefully they'll pack with weapons so you'll have the weapons for the figures then.


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