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    So...I opened everything....and...

    ..I am really unimprssed by most of it. Sorry. There are some highlights, most are one-pose wonders, others are disappointments. Here are just a few comments.

    I like the magnets / I hate the magnets.

    Anyone expecting these lightsabers to come hurling into a figures hand for across the room better re-think this one. AT BEST your looking at about 1/2 inch before the thing kicks in. Mace windu and Kit Fisto's are a waste of time. NOW...I don't know why they didn't think of this one...If Hasbro put a little magnet on the figures' belts that looked like part of the belt, the lightsabers would stick like magic and look cool.

    Metal Lightsabers.....GREAT....PLEASE do weapons soon!!!

    Plastic lightsaber blades.....suck...bend too easily...redesign them soon.

    Taun We....more plastic in the bubble than the figure. Don't know if that's good or bad.

    Paint jobs....I think I had to remove stray pieces of paint from every figure.

    3PO looks better than I thought....SURPRISINGLY so does ANAKIN/Peasant. I will probably do a modification to remove the lightsaber and put a regular had there.

    I like the blast effects...but they need to be LESS blasty.

    I like the saber reflections...again less reflecty.

    Keep all the "FORCE" effects...not impressed by a single one.

    SBD's blast effect should be BLUE as if hit by a Clonetrooper.

    Really wish Obi-Wan fit in the Jedi Starfighter.

    Really wish we had a "plain" Anakin Skywalker/Jedi Knight right away....again that fit's in the speeder.

    We need a decent Padme right away.

    That was my 2 cents. Thanks for reading.

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    I agree on all points... (I opened my figures too...)

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    here are the ones i hope to get one out of the pack...

    1. mace windu
    2. anikan (hangar duel)
    3. clonetrooper
    4. jango fett (final battle)
    5. jango fett (kamino escape)
    6. count dooku
    7. kit fisto
    8. obi-wan
    9. qui-gon jinn (jedi master from saga line)
    10. plo koon
    11. luminara unduli
    12.shaak ti
    13. sasee tin
    14 yoda
    15 super battle droid

    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Re: So...I opened everything....and...

    Originally posted by INDIANA
    ..I am really unimprssed by most of it. Sorry. There are some highlights, most are one-pose wonders, others are disappointments.

    I didn't think it would be too long before we heard this sort of thing. I've not been a fan of this line since we started seeing the progress models and heard what the gimmicks would be. I was think a great deal of what you have just confirmed.

    Thanks for your opinion and your honesty!
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    Which ones are the big disappointments?

    I am loving the new figures, so I am going to be hopefully very objective, and brief:

    Luminara is not a figure. She is a statue. Nice looking. But so limited it might have been an Epic Force or "Unleashed."

    Nikto Jedi - same.

    JarJar - salt shaker in spite of actually having molded legs. What was the point? He could have saved money as a salt-shaker.

    Taun We is a Bendie figure (I'm exaggerating, but not by much)

    Anakin peasant you liked? Not even! The slit is all the way up under his arm and very pronounced on a new figure. This is not 1978! Also, with the poncho on - the way he looks a lot better because of his wide stance - the lightsaber can only come out and point at the ground.

    The magnet feature was a cool idea, but as noted, the magnets are mis-powered (?). The gun tends to magnetize to the locking magnet in the box, so the box stays shut and Anakin's hand magnet, though nicely hidden, is too weak to work it. Maybe this will vary. I have 2 and only 1 is loose. I'm not getting many of this figure, though I intend to own up to 22 Anakins or something like that. I'll probably buy 1 more of this figure for 3 total, if even that. The pegwarmer of the collection is right here!

    Obi-Wan by contrast, BTW, has a great magnet and his features work fine!!! (Good figure!)


    Geonosian Warrior, with poseable wings, articulated at the waist when I didn't expect it to be, and all other normal articulation. Balancing him is a little more difficult, and there's no holes on the bottom of the feet, but it just takes practice.

    Dexter Jettster: Perfection! Plain and simple. You WILL like this figure!

    SaeSee Tiin! - This is the way you do a pre-posed ACTION figure if you have to make him posed in the first place. Since we now have 2 different figures of SaeSee - one appropriate for the Jedi Council (even if he can't sit down) - you're going to think this figure of the Jedi pilot seriously rocks!

    The Royal Guard - same story. This figure should have been done this well a long time ago. Too bad he only attacks in one direction (sort of). It's a pretty poseable figure, so maybe I have to experiment more with him. I don't have any scene to set these guys up in right now (the old guards suffice to go with my ROTJ scenes) so until Palpatine comes out for E2 ???? Maybe I'll get around to playing with these guys some more, but its the vehicles and all the other stuff that is exciting me the most!

    Obi-Wan Kenobi - ok granted there will be better figures of our hero Obi-Wan coming along, but this figure (Coruscant Chase) is pretty darn good. He can't double-handle a lightsaber, but he does look cool (and fit) in Anakin's speeder and the Jedi Starfighter. (though we know other Obi-Wan figures will come along and be better). Still I'm not disappointed. Obi-Wan is pretty poseable too - and this is important as he's going to be my favorite hero character in Episode 2!

    I haven't had time to open a lot of my other duplicate figures yet, as I dug into the ships totally! (I'll discuss that in another thread), but meanwhile other people here can review the figures I didn't get to yet.

    Oh man this is getting to be a good year!

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    You don't like the figures in general, but you liked the Anakin?!? Wow.

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    I havn't seen any up yet besides the pics, but i really lookinf forward to the Royal Guard.
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    Consider yourselves lucky, New Jersey hasn't even seen the new figures yet. All of my family and freinds have been on the lookout but nothing yet. Guess I will have to wait until Midnight Madness!
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    My my my . . .

    Oh no! How dare we wait until the legal release date to buy the figures . . . *Gasp!*
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    I would have to agree with everything except: the lightsaber energy blasts are uglay.

    Thanks for the reviews though! Any chance on using the Geonosian Warrior's staff to prop him up?
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